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DEATH Aug 29, 2006 9:55 PM

Does anyone have any experience using these hybrids with lens filters and/or lens hoods?

The hoods are rather easy to make and I intend to build a variety once I've chosen a good hybrid. I'm sure finding filters to fit or MacGyver on won't be too challenging either.
I'm just curious if anyone has done so already and has some results to share.

fishycomics Aug 30, 2006 4:01 AM

one person in here has dome it it may be very difficult to find the post

digilife or aiptek

there is really no need to have a hood but it may help

now a filter as long as you get the diameter I think the glass will interfere you'll have two lens on there you may need to 3m or velcro these things on

DEATH Sep 4, 2006 3:30 AM

I've talked with a few guys online that insist if the lens shield can be removed, I'll be able to find a filter to screw on in it's place. I think most people overlook the fact that the lens is behind the clear shield that is generally incorrectly refered to as the lens.

From what I've seen of hoods, they actually make a huge improvements in the overall quality of your shots. I've got a brother that's a photographer and found out it's really easy to make your own with empty bottles and plastic containers. Just need a razor cutter and flat black spray paint.

I'll try it and share my results.

fishycomics Sep 4, 2006 7:16 AM

I believe you'll be wasting your time

thelens is yes behind the protective cover a good 1/4 inch and there is no thread there

aipteks MPVR,DVR.PDVR. ZOom-DV all must be taken apart

the Aiptek dv5300 you can pry off the Mustek dv2000-5000series you must take apart as well but contain a square glass or plastic cover

soto top this off you do not have any threads on ah ybrid except the All time favorite MUSTEK DV5500

fishycomics Sep 4, 2006 6:15 PM

I am eating my words Death

i found out that the PVR has a internal lens cap yes indeed as you turn on the camera it'll automatically open the lens and then close with extra protection of an external cover

as well it hasa hood depth of 3/4 inch see PVR review

novinski Sep 4, 2006 8:48 PM

Yeah but what if you scratch the see-throughplasticlenscap?! I don't mean the lens cover but thatlens in front of it!?

It's maybe a 2$ more expensive per unit to design and produce lens covers, give us lens covers on future models (but please take care not to have them scratch the color off), we'd very much appreciate'em?! :D:D:DYIPEEE!

DEATH Sep 4, 2006 8:58 PM

Yeah no biggie, that's why I said it's a common mistake. The outter screw on clear lens cover is generally there for safety but also offers the option of using filters. The focus and refracting lenses are internal. Ultimately it genuinely is a lens, just not the lens that's actually refracting the light/images to be recorded.

Bottom line is, if it's plastic and you're able to replace it with a nice high crystal content glass one, it's going to greatly improve the quality and detail of your shots. As it is the colored filters work wonders from what I've witnessed.

As far as the hoods are concerned, they tend to put more focus on what you're filming or shooting granted it's within close proximety. The lens still gets plenty of light, the intensity and range is just squared up and more focused which adds to the depth and detail picked up...makes things more film-esque...if that can count as a word, lol.
In this case I'm talking about installing a larger hood like one made from a small, square/rectangular food storage container. The internally built hoods generally don't work for squat compared to a much larger one mounted externally.

These bitty cameras though..I'm not sure if a larger hood will do all that much but some nice filters will surely improve a lot of shots.

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