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I'm getting a little upset with movies not showing up on my MPVR once I've transferred them. Even video files IT MADE, when removed from the camera (to my computer), then transferred back the next day don't appear in "playback" (it doesn't "see" the files, even though I can plug it into my computer, and clearly see them in Windows Explorer).

Most of you are really into the photography angle here, but I bought the unit primarily as an inexpensive video player. But with the ENORMOUS files it (and the accompanying software) generate (I can use Divx and get THREE feature movies on a 1GB card, vs ONE with the Arcsoft Media Converter program), and now it not seeing the damn files when I put copy them from my computer (again, INCLUDING FILES SHOT BY THE CAMERA YESTERDAY), I'm getting PISSED!

(By the way, the camera DOES "see" files that it records TODAY, that haven't been transferred away from it's memory).

Anybody else run into this crap? Suggestions (particularly for the "right" way to transfer video from my computer so that the camera will "see" it!)????

The little Samsung pocket mp3/video player at Radio Shack that's shaped like a cell phone is looking pretty good to me about now!
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Something you are doing wrong?

1. record a show XX amount of time (best thing is to test out in 2 minute clip).

2 Playback on camera

3 transfer to pc, and plays on pc.

4. trasfer back to camera, plays back on camera

all that said: the file must stay clip0001 from step 1-4 if you change its name , you'll not get it to work?

Are you changing the clip0001 to a name? you can name it clip0101 and it will work but not meet the fockers or any name?

the camera will record a movie and name it by a clip0001 name as well as a a pict0001 if you are renaming it , it will be on the sd or mmc card , but will not show up. you can also convert a file over , but you must again bring back the name to a clip, and not duplicate it, if there is a clip0001 already it may erase or overwrite the file.

I had tested out your scenerio.

1. recorded a show, played back, and transfered to c. renamed it, transfered back to camera FAILED, * due to a file name change it is on the card but not played

2 recorded , played, transfered renamed , rename back to clip0001 played * Succesfully done

try that out. rename back to a cli

and Please if you need to blow some steam off use the [email protected]#$ keys rather profanity. I know P'eed and cr&p is not harsh but there may be some youngins aboard and this is a friedly site . I understand you are frustrated, and these steps may clear your problem and you'll be yelling for joy!.mod fishy
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I've always been able to view video clips taken on a hybrid, copied to a computer, then copied back to the same camera. My only problems have happened when I've tried to play the videos on a camera other than the one it was shot on.

All I can suggest is that you examine the folder structure the camera sets up as you take videos/stills, and make sure you copy back to the same places. And don't rename the files unless you use the same syntax and only change the xxxx number in the files. The cameras don't understand TRIP0123.asf. These filenames are different for the various cameras.

Is it possible the application you're using to view the videos on the computer is changing their names or formats somehow?

Hybrids like the Digilife DDV-V1 are more tolerant of other formats. But the other day I played a video on my 720 (native avi) that I shot with my V1 (native asf). I have to do some checking to figure out why I haven't been able to do this before, but I think it relates to the file structure on the memory card.

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