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RobMtl007 Aug 31, 2008 11:30 AM

Greetings Everyone:

Want to relax this Labor day weekend?

On Monday Sept 1, 2008

11:30 AM New York Time (or Montreal Time)
8:30AM California Time
17:30(5:30PM) European Time

There will be a Live Talk Show about Aiptek Pocket Camcorders.

This will happen on Blog Talk Radio, anyone familiar with this site?

This will be my first attempt at hosting a Talk Show on Blog Talk Radio.

The show may last for 1 hour, but if many people showup it may last longer.

Listeners to the show can text chat live, or if you want to voice chat you can
call using Skype to the phone number dedicated for the Talk Show.

If anyone has had experience using Blog Talk Radio your help would be

We will cover many topics about Aiptek Pocket Camcorders including what new
technologies are coming in the near future.

So grab a beer or a good cup of coffee and join our first attempt at
an Aiptek Radio Talk Show, we will have lots of fun and maybe some surprise
guests may showup.

The link to the show is:

Special Phone to call (646) 915-8553

Regards Robert

RobMtl007 Aug 31, 2008 5:30 PM

Hey Everyone:

Well there has been 34 people who viewed this message.

I hope 34 of you's will showup on the Talk Show.

Thanks for viewing my message.

Regards Robert

rgvcam Aug 31, 2008 6:52 PM

Will this be downloadable as a recorded podcast for those of us who can't make it or miss the show?

RobMtl007 Aug 31, 2008 8:10 PM

Greetings Rgvcam:

We have to see if a recorded podcast can be made from Blog Talk Radio.

But if I answer yes, I wonder how many listeners would really showup for the live

Hope to see a couple of you forum regulars at the Live show.

Regards Robert

Wayne12 Aug 31, 2008 11:04 PM

Only just seen this, probably too late. But I have suggestion, If you do this again in the future, contact Aiptek for some information and specs on upcoming models to talk about, and if you can post them for viewers to look at.

You might also like to add on the radio show, that they can be as useful as a door stop for professional video work at times because of their lack of settable manual controls. You might then go into how adding these features might suit people doing community TV, weddings, good home movies, or better You Tube videos. Just to see if anybody decides to add some controls in a manual mode to their models in future ;) .

RobMtl007 Sep 1, 2008 7:38 AM

Greetings Wayne12:

I don't think I'll win over many listeners if I use the words a door stopper for Aiptek Camcorders.

But I surely will express my comments on how Aiptek could have or could improve their camcorders.

This Live Talk Show is a test to see if members interact more when Audio and Live Text Chat are available.

Many of you can just join the Live Talk Show for about 10-15 minutes to see what you think of the show.

We are at T-Minus 3 hours and counting.

Regards Robert

fishycomics Sep 1, 2008 8:59 AM

Rob is also a great site if members wanted to do a live chat as well.

Aiptek cannot pass on inside info it is against their policy Their jobs that is.

fishycomics Sep 1, 2008 11:40 AM

Rob Excellent show.

I if vid/aud was available , as i was trying to get working andfailed I would have been there, the typing was delayed about 15-20 secs and did fine.

I do appologise if we interrupted one another

again thank you

fishycomics Sep 1, 2008 12:32 PM

thought I test out with a few members well it will work just that it takes time to learn somestuff LOL

so hopefully we'll work on a site and getthisthing going


RobMtl007 Sep 1, 2008 1:03 PM

Hello FishyComics:

I just clicked on your link and looked at your archived video clip from

Seems like a very interesting site this

The next time we have a Live Show on Aiptek Camcorders, we'll try it out.

Thankyou FishyComics and everyone else who joined my Talk Show on Blog Talk

FishyComics do you know of anyone at Aiptek USA who would be willing to
attend our Talk Show as a Guest Speaker?

I'm sure if someone is invited from Aiptek USA to be a guest speaker, there will be
more viewers to the show.

Regards Robert

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