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fishycomics Sep 22, 2006 3:36 PM

Well here is why i carry my hybrid with me.

what was the killer was not the pic or vid at the time but after the trip I wasfilming t oedit later some footage and low and behold a wave over powers the front of the boat , guess who got soaked?

the rubber of the joystick is now moving (lol). how much water you asked saltwater? not a glasss full, I mean soaked. but you ask how i got the Pics on Lol

anyway here is a Bird i think may be a hawk or falcon Not an expert but posted in the wild life will see what it is? anyone? just also take

note I am about under 6 feet away???????????????????

camera is now dry and hoping in perfect order............

jam11 Sep 22, 2006 3:52 PM

nice shot fishy :|:|:|

and the quality of the clip is great too!

nice work.....nice work

fishycomics Sep 22, 2006 5:00 PM

Found out it is a northern Flicker a wood Pcker family

I will be making a Short Movie soon.

airforce 1 for the President I got but it may look like any other plane and the bird on the top and sm pics and vids of fishing sorry that's my hobby lol

rgvcam Sep 22, 2006 9:57 PM

You know, in my opinion, this for me puts all the arguments about the usefulness of film vs digital to rest. Digital is so cheap and instant that you can use it for what may seem at the time to be frivolous shots, yet turn out to be delightful fun to watch moments of time later.

With film you have to be careful in your selection (which some argue is a good thing, I don't) which can mean missing out on some priceless shots because at the time they seemed unimportant and a waste of film. Often it is only when back at home in a calm and collected enviroment with a cool head that you realise you have a priceless shot and more to the point, you have it instantly.

sgspirit Sep 22, 2006 11:35 PM

And what film-based still camera can take video and play music also? I've owned at least a dozen cameras, half of them digital, and I've never been as happy with one as my Samsung i6.

fishycomics Sep 23, 2006 6:23 AM

Oh man if you were there you would have seen that bird fly directly at us you would think he was blind andwent right through the canapy

now i am so sad that awhile back just before i got into the hybrid thing, never knew bout them

the BLUE ANGELS were demostrating their manuvers for the holidays. we just Purchased a used boat, and best of all instend of being on land for theshow we were in the best seats in the world

the Angels went straight towards us and 90 degrees up we were looking in the engines andwatching the jests throtle in full. ( to what we thought was full, could have been half throtle)

wefelt the heat and the turbulance

I still remember this as if i were there?

that's why digitl snap it save it share it's priceless.

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