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the video:

overcasted causing whiote out, settings of WB needed, and direction of Sun.

Sound to be less high pitched.

All in all it's just to be another video.
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Yah like Fishycomics n DonalDuc writes, it's just another hybrid of whats available. Nothing really special in spec. but that doesn't mean that this h-cam could/would s-u-c-k. "IS" is electronic and only helps a little bit if any. It's not like they're putting in an expensive high sensitive "IS" in cheap cams like the Megxon or any other h-cams.

I downloaded the sample footage and must say it's not the best I've seen on small h-cams. Even if it's 480p it's not close to the say the Action in same video res.

To buy or not to buy that's is the question. I wouldn't, but you shouldn't listen to me.:-) If you like the design and IS feature, maybe it's the h-cam for you, I don't know. Do you, Buldozer, have a hybrid cam??
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I do not push Aiptek,I try not to push Aiptek but on the market, there isnothing else but Aiptek.

Aiptek came out wit ha lower model overseas,with the same video only 60 fps etc. just video I am talking.

the 60 fps will be the area of interest.

just a sample shot, is good enough but a few will deffently decide?

indoor low light, rolling shutter etc.

remember this seller is not the owner, and if he or she wants the sale they should open up a pkg and get all the shots necessarry, and advertise. I would.

but these things sell themselves.

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If you're after Image stabilizer I would get one of the 1080 Hybrids and then just use VDub + Deshaker plugin, both of which are completely free and does an amazing job.

Here's the above sample clip run through it for comparison.

I'm on holiday for the next two weeks to catch up on my photography (staying home and just local parks etc) that I've not done for a couple of years now and will be taking my new Digilife 1080p along to get some proper samples. Will post the results.

this is the Digilife..

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Wowcow wroteDamn!
I just ordered an Aiptek A-HD+

And have a look at this Digilife thing! It is gorgeous.
It has all the features an Aiptek has plus some extras like a tripod, a wallcharger, a carrying pouch.
And it is cheaper.
If PayPal haven't screwed me up again, I'd buy one of these too.

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