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I do appologise for any missunderstandings. I do make mistakes and I appologise for it.

a lot of members ask questions and comment on items that may or may not pertain to a hybrid. Mpeg4 vs mpeg2 as well as ccd vs, cmos should have bee in a glossery on the site rather posted all over. The site should have these terms in a main section, but do not, so please feel free to google and research your information and get back with replies and answers.
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Here's a good comparision of video formats.

When it really comes down to it, it's about the bitrate.
From the chart, you can see that DVD's using MPEG2 uses around 5Mbps. But you can get around the same quality video using MPEG4 and a lower bitrate. Say around 2Mbps.
You can also see the DV format has a huge 25Mbps bitrate so that is why you get the best quality using miniDV camcorders.

The 'standard' in the future can be anyone's guess. But I'm willing the bet future video camera using memory card based storage devices, like SD, will be using h264 in some form or another, recording in high def.

Future miniDVD camcorders from Sony & Panasonic will be using AVCHD. Which is basically using h264 on miniDVD's.

I think Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players will be compatible with MPEG2, h264, and WMVHD (WMV9).

As for the file formats, it's doesn't matter if it's an avi, asf, or mov. Those are just containers to the actual video. You can't tell what compression or bitrate is used in those file formats until you actually open it and see.
Like an .avi file can be an xvid, DV, h264, mjpeg, uncompressed, and many other codecs.
And if it's an mpeg4 (divx,xvid,microsoft mpeg4, etc), it depends on what bitrate was used when encoding it.
It's not like you can view a MPEG2 file and say that's better than MPEG4.
A mpeg4 file can look crappy if encoded using only 500kbps bitrate or look spectacular if using 3 Mbps bitrate.

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To answer your original question, MPEG2 is good for the final output format since you can just dump those files straight to DVD (since DVD's use MPEG2 compression).
MPEG4 is good for initially recording if the bitrate is high enough.

I'm not sure what bitrate is used for lower Xacti cameras such as the C5,C6. But looking at this review for the HD1 http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content...der-Review.htm

It records 1280x720 (720p) at 9Mbps, 640x480 60FPS at 6Mbps, and 640x480 30FPS at 3Mbps.

The review trashes the HD1 but they are comparing it mostly to the Sony HC1 high definition camcorder. The Sony records at 1920x1080 on miniDV tapes which have a bitrate of 25Mbps. http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content...HC1-Review.htm

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