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armorbreiz Jan 10, 2006 9:52 AM

Hello everybody ?

I am satisfied with the video quality of the MPVR outside.

But when i review my inside video (VGA)on my TV, they all look purple or strong vivid, specially the wood and everything with red tone. Is it normal or it may be defect ?

i am thinking to return the camera.

Thanks for your comments.

3FaCE Jan 10, 2006 12:16 PM

The darker the environment, the more of a purple tint you will notice. You may also noticeslight trails around objects when you move quickly. If you were to turn on night mode the FPS would slow down a bit (depending on how much light you have--less light, SLOWER FPS, MORE light, faster FPS) but everything would appear fairly bright and the purple tint disappears as well. A way to fix the purple tint is very simple. Turn on night mode (so long as it's not EXTREMEMLY low light), or turn on more light. You could also try changing the color controls of your TV, that might help as well. I am satisfied with indoor shooting with this camera, coming from a 4500 where low light = black screen. Now, I can actually SEE what I'm filming in most low light situations. Love it. :G

Heh and about the "strong vivid colors" , how is that BAD? LOL I love how colorful my vids turn out, the MPVRproduces excellent colors if you ask me. :cool:

fishycomics Jan 10, 2006 1:17 PM

Armor Welcome aboard, and thank you for the excellent question

1 in the setting of your mpvr there is a function called NIGHT MODE you must have that feature in the off Position, if you are using it the Low Lux will be in operation andcause all surroundings to be purple, Mustek is brownish and grainy.

So try that first. and remember all pc hybrids are not a great low light indoor camera they proform best in outdoor situation with the SUN at your back or over head.

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