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Okay I just purchased an MPVR+. I have a couple of questions of which I hope some of you can clear up for me:

1. Is it necessary or wise to upgrade the firmware? If so then how do I go about checking what version I have and actually upgrading? I already saw the other videos on how to do it but checking the firmware doesn't see to work for me.

2. If there a way to preserve the orientation of the video when turning the camera upside-down?

Thank you.
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1. Obtaining the firmware version should be the same on all the MPVR style Aipteks. On both my MPVR and PVR (which is the black version of the PVR that I had) you press the mode button to get to the rotating menu icon screen. You then hold down the menu button and the middle button on the left side of the screen at the same time and wait. The firmware will then be displayed briefly (for about a second or so) in the following format:

FW : 1707
HW : 00

I can't remember if there is a newer firmware for the MPVR but I am sure fishycomics will let you know.

2. You would need to do this in video editing software. Virtualdub for example can flip the video vertically.
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1 rotate a video filmed yes

suppliedsoftware muvee 4 has it upper left corner?

2 firmware 3104 orginal *3300 series older) upgrade 3501 what does it do? nothing probably deletes the record icon speeds up the shutter and webcam enhancements like the MPVr?

never neccessary to load,

if uncertain contact aiptek suport recieve it from them

it is tricky to get the firmware showing

right now I could not later on yes.
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you only want to upgrade firmware if you are experiencing problems, such as my case where recording would skip. otherwise dont bother.
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