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fishycomics Nov 24, 2006 9:11 AM

Welcome to A newer version of the Aiptek MPVR+ 8 megapixal Interpolated enhancement hybrid. home pageClick on Link to see full spec of Hybrid

The 5 Mb Cmos sensor of the hybrid with a S-Vhs Quality of video at 30 FPS (frames per Second) With Unlimited record time , or until the Sd card Of any speed is Full, Up to 2 gig, and will accept even Higher. Playback Tv broadcast shows, you can record direct to the camcorder, or transfer from your pc, any type of format can be converted over for play with the Supplied Arc media Converter software. a Huge 2.4 tft lcd display with a extended battery life of over 1 1/2 hour of rec/and/or playtime. Excellent Outdoor device for any occasion, and a powerful red Flash for great indoor flash photograghy.

Chapter 1. A look at the camera and its details

Pic 1. See below. Left side the MPVr 6 meg. eligant looking in Silver, On the right is the newest model by Aiptek the MPVR+ 8 meg. With the Black trim on the front and back. having a machanical Sensor it operates, andfunctions as two. a Older fashion camera, and a sensor cover when properly turning the Hybrid off. Battery Cover with a 5 point closing system , if the cover ever breaks or gets lost you may purchase an additional one at Aiptek for 5.00. ear buds makes a world of difference they come supplied. tripods of all sizes can be Purchased, External battery charger 2.5 hourrecharge time duel light red/green. Any mah size can be placed in (Nokia 8210 replacement as low as 7.00, or at aiptek for additiona, recommend 2 spare for endless fun.

A lot can be said about the MPVR+, 640x480 vga recording, 5 meg default still shots, with enhancements up to 8 megs, duel tone looks, machanical shutter, easy to thumb through controls, seperate pic/rec vid buttons . fastfwd/cue rew previous mp3/video functions and more Please take a look at the orginal topic to get aful review Continue on with the next chapter.

Chapter 2 Video, still shots and recording

Here we'll place up sample shots that are able to be reviewed ,Just click on the Link for the videos.

We'll show the MPVR+ in video, and stills, 8 meg 5 cmos sensor

we'll show the MPVR in video, and stills 6 meg 3 mb cmos sensor

We'll show a pro Jvc grd-395u video, still 1 meg, ccd lens

VId 1 The very First video taken of a causeway or canal with the current running in, at high tide very clear , the water able to see the botom.

MPVR+ 5.25 mb CLICK ME


JVC 7.24 mb CLICK ME

Vid 2 Placed the camcorder on a tripod, allowed 4 minutes of filming , and edited with an effect called speed up , you'll watch 4 minute's in under 1 minute tine at the highest saved quality. great for making special efects, etc.

MPVR+ CLICK ME 86 meg, full length sped up to 1min 2 36mb

Jvc CLICK ME 75 mb full length sped up to under 1 min 12.4mb

MPVR does not need to be compared

VID 3 Focuesed on a fence where a sled and pole will be placed for winter protection if someone falls int othe water,

MPVR+ CLICK ME6 mb centering on fence


JVC CLICK ME 1.4 meg

VID 4 these are of the marsh grass blowing in the wind, noticing how Blue the ski is. soper crisp video.

MPVR+ CLICK ME 8.4 mb super blue background

MPVR CLICK ME 9,24 mb blue not so bright.

JVC CLICK ME 11.2 MB pritty smooth the vid

VID 5 walking with the sun in front of me you'll notice how true it keeps to the video the color, you'll get sun spots no matter what you try as you'll notice a crisp shot for sure.

MPVR+ CLICK ME 32 mb got one sun spot but was lucky the vid held its ground

MPVR CLICK ME26 mb very nice shot into the sun

VID 6 Indoor Low light during a sunny day Sun is in the rear of my house window is in the front

MPVR+ CLICK ME 6.23 mb Low light works out in the room nicely

MPVR CLICK ME 4.3 mb Low light is darker able to almost make out

VID 7 Night mode On. here you'll see how night mode realy kicks in there is no doubt you need a tripod for sure just look how that low lit room is now bright



VID 8 Low light room sun in rear of house window at rear well lit and sun is not in room yet.

MPVR+ CLICK ME7.1 mb brighter forsure but not that much

MPVR CLICK ME 6.9mb not as bright but bright to view

this Concludes the video for Outdoor, and Indoor low light situations a tough decision to make . the 5mb cmos sensor is a brighter unit by far but cannot compare to a real camcorder, it is a choice one must make..............

Chapter 3 Pictures. to show Pics onlie you'll be very pleased no matter what megapixal is up. the smaller the better for quick internet those of dial up may drag to long Machro on the hybrids is a not perfected on a fixed lenssoon wil be here are some shots that realy show some great detil.











Chapter 4 Other functions and features of thecamera are not neccesary to go into great detail, They are the Mp3, webcam, voice recorder tv playback modes. All excellent features of the hybrid very easy to use and figure out, if you need further info please read the full review of the MPVR2k6.

Conclusion. Aiptek has out done themselves on the newest version for the MPVR+, A excellent hybrid with 5mb cmos sensor, can handel low light situation about two octives better than the mpvr. when recording your video it is best to research a few courses, and use some technique, to better yourself. a excellent hand me down. a great hybrid, on the go, where you can leave that exspensive device home, and capture priceless moments. fun for all ages, super easy and friendly

1 1/2 hour record , a spare battery and your set forhours of fun, never ending fun, hope you enjoyed the review, and Please check back,andkeep the video links working click on them they 'll exspire and lose all info.

Any comments on this Model will be greately appriciated. compare to other hybrids it is all prefrence. ccd over cmos and resolutins have fun.............

fishycomics Nov 24, 2006 4:19 PM

Here is a Video that I hope may not put a damper on this Model, but as i have tested this out, it is livable take a look and comment if you like

Prismatic effect click me 23 mb

if the video windowdoes not play click the above link

rgvcam Nov 24, 2006 11:19 PM

Yes you can see the prism effect on the a/c units and the it's most pronounced on the brickwork at th rear of the balcony towards the end of video. It's hard to know if this effect is as pronounced as the PVR, or just the normal moire effect associated with MPEG4 camcorders which you will always get a certain amount of due to the high compression.

The video from the MPVR+ appears cleaner and crisper to me than the PVR. What do you think?

fishycomics Nov 25, 2006 6:44 AM

the MPVR+ is not the same hybrid as the PVR?

the quality in the stills goes to the MPVR+, a crisper clearer shotb but, is more sensitive to the sun. Also it is best to use the 10 second rule if you snap a shot and move you'l comeout with a funky shot.

2. On a video you'll need to be careful in the suns rays as well, take note never poit to the sun Video Clip

The 5mbcmos sensor is realy great on the lower light situations, Just have to learn sone basics before you can enjoy the hybrid

CompGeek Nov 25, 2006 11:32 AM

So, I bought the new MPVR+ at Target for $98 yesterday, and so far it's been a pain. I've recorded a few minutes of video here and there, and it's really jerky. I'm recording VGA, without nightshot on of course. It's just stuttering beyond belief. It'll do maybe a second of smooth video, then stutter, continuously. I'm recording to a Polaroid 2GB SD card. Oh, and it doesn't stutter on the LCD while I'm recording, only the actual video once I'm watching it on PC. Is it possibly my PC causing it? I am only on a pentium 3 933 mobile laptop until Monday....

ahhhh... anyway, short, maybe somewhat confusing post, but hopefully someone can help.
Thanks :)

CompGeek Nov 25, 2006 1:11 PM

Ahhh, after testing it on a relative's PC, it appears to be fine. I guess this Pentium3 just can't handle .asf files. Ah well, this little Aitek thing is really nice, great video quality IMHO for such an inexpensive device.

fishycomics Nov 25, 2006 1:24 PM

CompGeek Welcome aboard,

how many wereat target when you goth there /

You may notice There is a topic already up and running for the MPVR+ review. If you like to participate Please go there , no probem with your own thread at all...

1 this hybrid is basicaly out of the box and video record. does not need a high speed card but the container will tell you pentium 2 or simular, Fighting thecroud or trying to read a locked box on the shelf it is hard.

1 stabilization, nightMode are the features we need to decide that should be on or off. it is great to know lower end models pc or laptop has troubles, I have an old model pc and no headaches lucky me.

2. windows media 9 is highly recommended for upgrade with the supplied codecs, if these codecs and files are not loaded you'll see the sound play then the video catch in 5 secs lost.

3, best recomendation when shooting use a 10 second count

get the pic in view 1,2,3 snap hold, 4,5,6,7,8,9 move it'll sound funny but you'll understand later on. enjoy the MPVR+ let us know if you have any issues?

Last thing We all would like to know is the Firmware on the Hybrid. 3501 is the latest on a PVR

3300 on the MPVR

CompGeek Nov 25, 2006 1:33 PM

I got to Target in Ralleigh NC yesterday @ around 3pm and there were 8-10 of these things still on the shelf. Got the 2GB SD card on sale at Circuit City for $28, got the last one.

The firmware is 3300, HW: 01

fishycomics Nov 25, 2006 1:49 PM

excellent I believe by 1 hour all the MPVRs were out in NYC, the store I went to was the pits, and I never shop on Black friday I'll never do it again that is what i say now. LOL

rgvcam Nov 25, 2006 11:47 PM

Welcome Compgeek. Yes the stuttering of the video on a PC is a common problem due the high bitrate of the video. The clue as always is that the video appears fine on the device itself. If you plan on sending the video to someone who has an older PC then I would recommend using microsofts free media encoder to reduce the bitrate.

There were no MPVR+ camcorders left in my local Target.

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