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dani_starma Jun 5, 2006 4:39 AM


I am a new user and I'm posting from southern Italy.
This forum is so much into these kinds of hybrid videocams and I was wondering how come there are no discussions about one that I think it's the most complete of the series: Mustek DV 5600.
In the accessories there's quite everything (including the lens cap), the internal memory is 64MB, the LCD display 2.5", multifunctional with mp3, semi-autofocused and 8x zoom...well, that's not a crap I mean!
I'd like to know your opinions about this rather beautiful cam and, most of all, if you suggest me its purchase (for 183,47 euros from a German site - shipping coosts to italy included)

fishycomics Jun 5, 2006 5:19 AM

click her or look on page 2 for now

Welcome to the site and here is the Link for the 5300se.

Sorry I missread, and mislead you on the camera . edited due to no caffeen.

seemy correction in the other post

dani_starma Jun 5, 2006 5:46 AM

sorry...I don't mean the 5300se (that your link shows - and I know it's a choppy cam compared to newer ones) but the Mustek DV 5600!! It's very different, of course it goes @30fps in 640x480 mode; I must suppose that it's not sold all around the world but just in some areas. That's the link to it in the mustek official website:

Here you go!

fishycomics Jun 5, 2006 6:46 AM

Lol:Gjust got caffeen in me yes it is w/o looking at Mustek a dv5500 upgraded .

I appologise for the wrong information, I thought I read the 5300se Sorry.
1. Mused dv5500 history, this camera was a smash hit had all the extras that you'll ever wanted. it soldfor as high as 300.00 plus and caused so much havic. fisrt shutter speed, film intervals, most professional.
they even gon eout of the way to fix all the glitchs it had.

and then sent an note that all was okay in the newer version models
main glitch was focus focus crased alot and the camer was useles once it occured.

Now that it is gone and fixed the newer versio nthe 5600 came out and the older site we used to be on all dissappeared , have not heard any good outcomes about it. but One top notch member Owns a Mustek besides me the OldHacer he owns the 9300 hasalmost the same features as this one but a different style
so i hope if some one that owns one wil show up in here oneday and post there review

again sorry I mess read and mislead you. Mod Fishy editing my error

Old HACer Jun 5, 2006 9:13 AM

After getting burned by a defective (auto-focus failure) DV5500, I've stayed away from the DV5600. It has the same design and similar specs to my broken camera.

Let us know here if you buy the camera.

Good luck!

dani_starma Jun 5, 2006 12:11 PM

Yes, I suppose I'm buying it, cause the german site where I bought it from won't refund my credit card! I'm wondering why in Europe there are no sellers for your TOP-RATED Aiptek MPVR, maybe it comes with another name? I'd rather buy one of those now, after reading all the threads un on this forum!

fishycomics Jun 5, 2006 1:43 PM

it is called the Aiptek dv 8800 or 6800

dani_starma Jun 5, 2006 2:51 PM


I finally got my previous orders canceled, so I won't get the bloody dv 5600. The choice now is between 3 very interesting models:

1 Aiptek DV 6800 (the mpvr)
2 Yakumo Cammaster SD482
3 Technaxx C5000

I'd like to know what you think of the three models...especially the two that you probably don't know!

p.s. they're all around the same price

dani_starma Jun 5, 2006 3:30 PM


I finally bought this

surprised huh?:lol:

fishycomics Jun 5, 2006 4:10 PM


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