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video of the mustek dv4500 click me

review video oof the dv4500

Welocme to the mustek dv4500 review. There are two model names the 4500 usa, 5000 overseas. no difference, just the chracters on the camera., You may find the camera under a different companies name as well. here you'll get add'l review info
we'll break down the topic into sections and add step by step pictures.

http://www.mustek.com , you may find all detail, drivers etc , info there

detailed information.

MPEG 4 technology for high quality video recording

7-in-1 Multi-functional Camera (Digital Camcorder / Digital Still Camera / Digital Voice Recorder / Video Camera / PC Cam / Card Reader)

3.1 Mega CMOS Sensor

Built-in Flash ,Built-in 32 MB Internal memory for Storage (CARD NOT INCLUDED) ,Seamless 4X digital zooming when recording, Fantastic audio function (Voice Recorder / Video Sound Track)
Pocket-sized design with Support for MMC/SD memory card Section one
hands on view of the camera.

below you'll find 4 pics, 1 avatar ( 6 shots, 5 shots) .As the camera is shipped in a carton, and uppacked (see pic 1) it is nicely presented with care, (pic2) opening up the box the camera is wrapped in plastic and a cover over it for extra protection, the sd card is an option. excluded from mustek, if they had a deal that would be the location of th card. (pic3) will be your contents, all paper work and cdrs in protected paper. (pic 4) will be al your cables batteries etc.

[align=left]Above in the Avatar are 6 camera shots[/align]
1. the Front view shows the flash Blue l.e.d. in webcam and recording mode as well as turn on with usb port a few secs only.(will interfere with glass reflection shots) mic and machro/infinity switch n lens

2. on the side are the lcd screen and inner controls to all other features , playback, record, settings scroll lcd on/center/off sound and more.

3. the rear has a rubber covering for the usb av in and airbud with a battery/sd mmc card slot

4. theside has a speaker internal and mpeg4 enbedded in the camera. stickers are removable

5. the record/snapshot zoom in/out and on/off switch with strap hook

6. the tripod and serial numbering.

Avatar 7and up, shows the movie mode stil mode. voice mode, mp3 mode and back to movie mode.

The camera is packed very neatly, and can be stored away, has an Aluminum body great feal to the touch, Has accedently been dropped a number of times, the case will pop open leading no damage, the camera fell 10 feet on dirt no damage , all in all made like a samsonite luggage. Silver wdition look to it with a hint of black trim around th tft door. as older viersons have a gold edition and always an eye catcher.

Section 2 Movies

1.day shots at perfct lighting , traveling on bike on a trail going through a runnel you'l get a nice sho when there is Light present , if no light is present is is clear no film will be recorded. http://www.youtube.com/?v=t1tkEj2ysIc

2 dayshot

3. cloudy or over cast day, This short vid shot speaks clearly for itself. Perfection and priceless. http://media.putfile.com/IMAG005428

4. night shot This is a shottaken at nightof fireworks again if no light is present no filming will rcord http://www.youtube.com/?v=s8wLy6q58tA

5 the last two are edited with wn movie maker and may decide what you think the camera can do with video. the pirate_0002 is truely a bumpy ride,with stills added from the camera, with softwarezoom.

This video is of another bumpy ride but ofa car, and may see some sunshade aadjustment totally normal for these cameras, it is to beexpectedwhen thecmos lens adjusts. http://media.putfile.com/tri-2-baltimore

The video are all high resolution I understand you want a low resolution aswell as a medium one. aaccept this as a low resolution and see some seperation http://media.putfile.com/Movie_00036530 med resolution wil not be as bad will find one o make one when the day is brighter to dark now.

Low light situation and / or night mode coming soon.

Night mode speaks for itself no light no vid, very grainy, low light not good at all,

Section 3 pictures

[align=left]Section 4 voice recorder[/align]

[align=left]Section 5 mp3[/align]

[align=left]Section 6 webcam[/align]

[align=left]Section 7 massstorage[/align]

[align=left]Section 8 extensive testing.[/align]
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