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mustek dv3500 view 360 degree video click me

mustek review video click me

this info is used for the dv3500 as well, due to the same exact features excluding the flash and machro.

Welcome to the Mustek dv3500,dv4500 (5000) review

what makes this a economy hybrid and stands out from the rest. movie mode, still mode, mp3 mode, voice mode, webcam mode, mass storage device , and card readerThis is called a 7-n-1 camcorder., made for the pc and home entertainment use.

The camera is a dv 4500 in the North america region, and overseas the 5000, no difference, we will also include the 3500 in here as well because the only thing it is missing is the machro, and of course the flashlite flash.

we wil look at: battery life, sd size, vid/pic file size, webcam, mp3, and more ...

battery life

The camera batteries are of a AA system containin 2.4vdc -3.0vdc can accept desposables, rechargables, and lithiums, other names are alkaline and extended battery packs.

the duration depends on the user. as I tested out the camera I was able to hold a 6 hour play period. The camera will record a garanteed 3 hour non stop video of a 512 sd card at low resolution, and allow playback up to the power of the batteries.I know this is hard to believe and a test is needed to prove my point. shall be done ( test will be made again on or by 12-01-05) if on a vacation and batt's run low. desposables are needed you'll get a good 2 hours plus on alkalines mp3 playtime I have not further tested the playback as I am into vid/stills the lcd screen off and the mp3 playing you'll be good for hours of time.

sd card sixe the max is a 512 sc card with an internal 32 meg, cannot combine both. you have to eject the sd card and either use or store files. this will give you loads of recording time. a 512 sd card at low res 2hr 50, at med 1hr45 and high 1hr 30. (I may be off by a few min or more ) pics high 1000 med 4000, low 7000 ( deffently off by a lot of pic) can combine vid and still , and the duration will vary

the hard part about the sd card storage is the remaining time, it shows or keeps the same time of the max file size of the card.. and that is exactly why it is called a economy camera less features and a lot of punch or bang for the buck.

As we talked about batt life and others the webcam can be activated and used it may be choppy or frozen alot due to connection dial up etc and as you may not be aware the webcam allows you to use the camera to record hooked u to the pc or dvd/vcr player. the newer version pmp w/o webcam cannot do that. all the better to have this feature.

vid and still recordings

The camera best proforms outdoorsthe reason why Senors. the camera lens is a fixed lens 5 position, and not these high demand lens. it is like those desposable cameras you buy on the market, not at all. but can only proform to the limits of the camera.

low light filming any subject that has light on it will film any subject that does not reflect light will be poorly or not filmed at all. as well as sound mono/mono and very sensitive to noise some are more some are less some cannot even llow sound .

you may hear the lens zooming or the wind crackeling, again this is why they call it economy hybrids. for example I was on a boat, and pulling away from the dock. the engine on, and a fellow boater cleaning off the boat with the hose i picked the hose up 40 feet away Priceless. situations are the key here.

if needed proof (not of the mustek camera mpvr)

vid http://media.putfile.com/CLIP006216

vid and pics can be snapped many ways sometimes the sun interferes, the shade, night time , etc. it is not the filmers fault it is of the economy camera cmos lens has many advantages to disadvantages over ccd lens and as in the vid above . as the camera faces the objects it needs to focus and gather info. It is hard to lock on and grab the same color if no light is on that subject ,and that is why you have dark to brightness on it , perfection is not moving at all. if that was the case we would miss out on a lot.

below are samples the pics are in pa usa on a bike trail. and the tunnel has depth the pics taken will show you all.outside shot dark inside, all lit up and depth shown lighted, as well as other shots.



Below are movies , they will show you what the camera is capable of doing and more angle light darkness etc.





There are tons of info to still say here. the lcd screen can be turned off, machro is limited from 2 feet to 3 feet . filming is to infinity. same as pic. mp3 plays fime has an external speaker and more ,all this info can be found at http://www.mustek.com

if you want a camera that will last this is it , a metal casing great pocket camera, hidden away looks like a min camcorder extended batt time. and more. price range from ebay to the finest stores in North america 75.00-150.00 usc.

--------------------------------------Mof fishy-------------------------------------------------
batter test review. As metioned above I am intiating a series of tests, and both the dv3500 and 4500 are running. i have stopped running the 3500 for the reason it will duplicate and be a waste of time. the 4500 has a 512 sd card at low resolution, with a fully charged set of AA batts the time is remaining on the camera says 2 53 min and it is running and checking in at 25 minutes and counting the clock ha s not stopped. and the battery indicator is at full.

1 hour in and no indication of battery level dropping. still on full.

now 1 hr 30 minutes in the battery indicater still shows full , I am amazed. by this time my mpvr, IS-DV and Aiptek dv5300 are all exhausted, I will speed up th video when made so all do not have to watch a clock count from 10:04 -3pm

working up to 2 hours and battery indicater is at full. will have to exchange out sd card the next 30 minutes to 1 hour

It is 2 hours 30 minutes and the indicatoer was still on ful, when I shut off the camera, and added the new sd card the camera turned on the indicater went down one bar I knew it would and did not want to disturb it. so now I am working on 2 1/2 to 3 hours and my next check in will be battery exhaustion.

batteries shut down 1hr 55 min 20 secs. and when turned back up still half full. the test is completed

camera stand by test

leaving the camera in standby mode how long will the battery last 1 hr 15 min in perfect. Now 2 hours in still not a sign of battery wear. as turning it off and back on it is at full

now after the 3 to the 4th hour in the camera shuts off. so this concludes my battery test

3 hours record time

4 hours of standby time

no matter what you do record or let stand you get 3 plus hours of battery life , I am sure an additional hour can be added for lcd screen in the off position as well as lithium batteries.

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As my camera sat I am sure I forgot why it gave, but as it sat it fails to turn on the slide switch feels perfect may not be making a contact, so I haveto pop her open and pay attention notto loose the spring and disturb it and simply see if it will pop on, before I do thart I'll make sure nothing is blocking the contacts to the battery

and also try to use the usb to turn on if it turns on by the usb then its another step to figuring out why
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots
Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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