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I'm form Bulgaria and I would like to review Mustek DV5600.
I bought DV5600 a month ago form a bulgarian Mustek distributor.
It costed me 400lv ( 242$ or about 200 Euro). Mine has 2 Years Warranty.
The movies it takes are very good for its size and price. Viewed on TV they look perfect. Movies react very well on fast moving subjects. I even tried to capture video trough the window of a moving car and the video was good. The camera takes very good pictures in outdoor environment. Indoors pictures are good but hard to get because pictures get blur very easy when you shake the camera indoors. That's because the Shutter button must be pressed stronger and that moves the camera a bit in the moment it takes pictures. However with some practice I take good indoor pictures now.
The MP3 player doesn't make good sound but I don't care because I don't use it.
Some of the buttons are hard to use for the first time. The LCD is big and looks very good. The design of the camera is very good. Autofocus feature works fine. A label on the box of the camera says that I must turn it off or else I'll hear noice during video recording. But I didn't and I won't turn it off because I can barely hear it during playback. None of my friends noticed it unil I tell them that it exists.
The flash is good but very strong. It flashes 4 times for one picture and sometimes it makes the picture too bright.
The battery is Li-ion 3.7V 1650mA(model NP-120) and it's life is very good( form 1 day to a week depending of what I use the camera for). I made more than 80 pictures with flash and the battery was still alive
The zoom is digital. It has 16x zoom. But the picture lose it's quality if you zoom more than 4x. When zooming picture looks pixelized on the LCD but when the picture is taken it look very good.
There are other features I don't have time to post, but I really love my DV5600.

PS: The sound of the video is good too. The macro mode very good.

Some samples:
(one picture in macro mode, two outdoors and a indoors picture)

I can't use the device as a WebCamera. Maybe because it's an older model. It's being sold here 1-2 months before Mustek made it officaly avaliable.

I can't upload a video sample because my internet connection is very slow.
Please excuse me for my bad english. I wrote this review because I didn't find any reviews on this camera and because I've readen very bad reviews on DV5500.

Conclusion: The camera is very good for it's money but not perfect. The material it's made of are cheap. Indoors pictures in poor lightning gets blur very easy(but my friends cameras blurs too). I myself love the camera. I've been collecting mone since 5-6 months for buying camera and DV5600 is what I wanted.

Thanks for reading

Violin Iliev,
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Welcome aboard. I gave you 3 cools as a thumbs up for Posting a review. I'll go in and post the pics

If you think it is faster to send a sample . send it to me and I'll post it in. 10 sec clips should take 10 minutes or less on dial up.

I was Just looking at the 5600 it is an upgrade of the 5500, and reading your review it is an excellent camera.

1 picture shots do not move the camera even after the shot 3 secs is fine , when you snp the shutter still is working , electronics. when you hear sound click we then move , do not move let it complete , and that will stop blurring

2, the Pics were awesome the clock, and the statue what we all have in common, is grafetti lol what a shame. the machro is that the nazil spray or the table shot. becasue machro is a joke 2 feet is the closest to get it to work.

3 the table shot showed the knife nice real clear.

thank you for the review......mod fishy
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thanks for the tip.

About the macro mode. It's the spray. I shot it in 5cm(2 inch) distance.

I've uploaded two videos at: http://d.turboupload.com/d/204604/videos.rar.html

Autofocus can be heard on the second one.
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