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Default My new Aiptek Z700 and the sound =)

Hi everyone! First of all: great Forum, found out a lot before buying this cam! Thanks!

Now that I hold it in my Hands there are a few things coming to my mind.

Is there any possibility (or Firmware i missed) that raises the recorded sound from 12khz (thats what quicktime told me) to at least 22khz? Sound is even worse than i thought it would be!

Just updated to firmware 2900, got rid of the "whistle".

The second thing is that my external mic port does seam to have a problem. Pluged in 3 different microphones (Olympus ME52, a cheapo Hama mic and a professional Sennheiser MKH416 (i know, that's waaay over the top ) but all i got was a noise, like the normal camera-noise but without me saying anything. On the dispaly i see the sign for external mic and all mics are testet and working! Now before I start downgrading my firmware to check if its a firmware-prob, is there anyone who had the same problem and maybe found a solution?

That's it so far, will be back for sure =)

Thanks a lot,

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Those mics require powering from the jack, I think...

At least the latter needs "Phantom Power 48v, ( 12v) according to the specs:

Would not be surprised if the Olympus ME52 also needs something similar.

I bought a "voice recorder" mic that didn't work either, didn't cost that much though, now I'm using a condenser mic that doesn't need power from the jack, works fine.

Oh, and I agree, great forum!

Regards/ C.
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mt question is, didyou plug it in good?

did you try a el cheapo, and I say a ear peice LOL and say something
if not I say it is hardware more then firmware.
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ok, did some more testing and video was good for the price but the 12khz sound really makes me mad. the 416 was powered by a sennheiser k6 so no jack power needed and workes on different cameras, still no sound on the z700. sent it back today. thx guys!
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Sorry that it didn't worked genickbruch...
I was apparently wrong about Aiptek mic input having no power, measured the voltage on the jack and there was ~2.2 Volt, at the top of the mic plug (shows how little I now about this. ). Did therefor a little search about microphones and found this:
Many small video cameras and Minidisc recoders use 3.5 mm stereo microphone connector for attaching stereo microphone to the system. Some devices are designed for microphones with external power supply and some other supply the necessary power for electret microphone thrpugh the same connector as audio goes. The ones which supply power though the connector are usually called to have "plug-in power".


The idea of the wiring inside the video camera or Minidisc recoder has the following idea:

In the circuit above the component values can vary somewhat from equipment to equipment. I don't have any very accurate of the exact component values the industry is using in their equipments. My guesses are that the values of Mic power is few volts and the value of current limiting resistor R is few kilo-ohms.

(Perhaps this is common knowledge for many here but I thought I post it anyway).

Same mic solution in the Aiptek, or... except that it's only powered at the top of the mic plug(mono?). I know there was a discussion about that in another thread.


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