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Stumbler it is not of what you are doing wrong? a person asked my diglife bbeps twice after my friend pulled the card out . wel I did a stil test and overloaded my camera with unwanted files 2000 plus on a 2 gig card well formatting once and well I am in the process of recording a shop at home clip again Lol, and my camera shut off hmmmmm Did I hit a record button or I thought I did?

1 did you hit record or playback and thought you id but didn't?

and well it stopped well I again turned it back on and why I am not seeing a full screen with icons hmmmmm,once agin on the thrid turn up no recording I say let me re-foramt the card again so I did i getinto 15 minutes and my dvr recorder (cable box ) show is going I hit stop I got the whole show complete, . Possable formatting your sd card not only once but multi times will help

While doing my tests I must have shut off the camera 10 times Lol overheat. and well defragment is the keyworkd the buffer is currupted and needs formatting.

do you see Icons after turn on when batt dies? reformate multi times
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