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isikayhan Dec 22, 2005 1:36 PM

AIPTEK mini PocketDV 8900;detailid=211

VGA 30 Frames Per Second with Stabilizer
Max. 10 Mega-pixel images
AV-IN Function to Enjoy Movies Anytime Anywhere
MP3 Player with 15 Channel Equalizer & 4 Audio FX Settings
Auto Focus Lens Capture Every Moment from 15cm ~ infinite
Remote Control Makes It Your Bedside Stereo and Mini Home Theater

Image sensor CMOS 5 Mega Pixel
Resolution Movie Mode : VGA (640x480) 30fps / QVGA (320x240) 30fps
Still Image :10M(3584x26)/ 8M(3264x244)/ 6M(2832x212)/ 5M(2592x1944)/ 3M(2048x1536)/ VGA(640x480)
File Format JPEG, ASF, WAV,MP3
Internal memory 32MB Flash Memory (22MB for storage)
LCD display 270° 2" LCD (115,200 pixels)
Lens Auto Focus Lens with Mechenical Shutter (from 15cm ~infinite)
Flashlight/Strobe Auto / On / Off
Anti-red eye (IGBT) Yes
Night Mode Yes
Digital zoom 4X
Memory Card SD/MMC Card
Microphone Yes
Voice recorder Yes
Speaker Yes
TV Out NTSC/PAL Color System Supported
AV-IN Yes (Record TV Programs as MPEG4 Format)
Web Camera Yes
MP3 Player Yes (15 channel equalizer)
IR Remote Control Yes
Self-timer 10 sec.
Auto power off 1 Min./ 3 Min./ 5Min./Off
Interface USB 2.0
Battery Nokia-6108 Li-Ion Battery (700mAh)
Dimensions 88.3 x 58.5x 28.8 mm
Accessories IR Remote Control, Earphone, USB Adaptor, USB Cable, AV Cable, Strap, Tripod, Pouch, Li-Ion Battery, User Manual, CD (* SD/MMC Card not included)

fishycomics Dec 22, 2005 2:13 PM

excellent find , Must be off the overseas site. as AiptekUsa and Europe are different cultures. or regions. I have spoken to the rep. and they will not be offering any of those models for the USA. as the mpvr is the 6800 and Yes the 8800 is only being tested overseas, if it is a sel out they will introduce them here, that means a digilife look a like as to the Ispan s well. great find

sgspirit Dec 22, 2005 9:51 PM

This looks like it might be an update of the DV4500. If it is, this will be an excellent hybrid, even if it looks kind of .... squarish.

mahalo Dec 23, 2005 3:19 AM

AIPTEK 8800 is supposed to be the DDV-M1 clone. I checked this 8900 up a while ago and it had pretty similar stats to the 8800 one, but casing is different. (I'd personally prefer square casing to be frank.) Too bad it is not yet listed on www.technikdirect.dewhere you can compare cameras against each other nicely. The 8800 is there now.

I wonder how long this link will be valid, but while it lasts its rather useful:

If I would have to guess its DDV-M1 with a bit more of Aiptek's own touch than the 8800 has.

Old HACer Dec 24, 2005 2:27 PM

I like the auto-focus feature, hope it works well in video mode. Not sure about the styling (even the lens opening is squarish), but I don't like the lower power battery and smaller screen compared th the 8800.

I wonder if this hybrid will make it to the US market?

nigamaa Mar 26, 2006 3:56 AM

Is there need to buy the MPVR A/C Adapter from US for DV 8900?
Can anyone here say for sure?

Is there need to buy the MPVR A/C Adapter from US for DV 8900?
Can anyone here say for sure or give a link to where the question is


Aiptek in EU is advertising the DV 8900 mini media center-
you get it from € 185 plus pp
they say it has 5 mp sensor and 10 mp resolution, great
it has ? better filing systems, mp3 functions: display songtext, put mp3s into folders, 15 Channel Equalizer & 4 Audio FX Settings
It uses similar arc software like MPVR
The manual tells you can configure the one jack to av in, av out, stereo?
the name of the accu is Li-Ion Akku TH-N6108 3,7V / 700mAh by Nokia for 6€ ppIt is recharged by USB from the PC, the USB jack seems to be mini USB

sofar I could not find a forum that has tested these features like the songtext in mp3.

Any idea if the USB battery recharge can be lower than the need for power recording from a TV tuner? Can the MPVR adapter be used on the DV 8900, would any A/C to USB device do or is the camera so well designed that there is no need to worry?


fishycomics Mar 26, 2006 5:52 AM

the topic is old. the camera is not a USa (Northern american region. soit may be very hard to answer some of the questions

you may be handy and make a charger and battery like i did and find it alot less money and to do. ac and dc so if you like to listen to mp3's in the car on long trips the dc mod can be worth everything.

the ac adaptor if youtend to listen all day, record tv shows all day yes its worth it. sorryi do not have more answers

nigamaa Mar 26, 2006 1:03 PM

Thx Mod Fishy,

where is that battery box explained you built and it functions well?

I will watch out for comments on the issue DV 8900
I got a new DV 5700 weeks ago and am considering
Updating for a 8900 or better and selling the DV 5700
On ebay.
Alternatively I wonder if there is any firmware update for
DV 5700? Can it ever be hoped for that the mp3
functions could include display of songtext, due to an upgrade
of firmware or does one need to get DV 8900 for this? This function
is not explained in the DV 8900 manual and I wonder if anyone has more
details on that, there is a karaoke function in the mp3 menue mentioned as well?:O

fishycomics Mar 26, 2006 1:20 PM

1 topic is of the mod

2. the second is of another poster?

hope it helps out


nigamaa Mar 27, 2006 12:03 PM

Thx for the links

I solved it with my DC-DC cigarette lighting adapter
It plugs into the NP 60 charger, I set it on 4,5 V and
After 2,5 hours the light for the second, third battery
Goes green, no need to buy anything else.

I just wonder if anybody has ever hooked a Cyberman
Display to the MPVR,DV 8900? It gives the big screen
effect to the mpeg 4 movie?
it was designed to work for PAL/NTSC signal and
should be a great enhancement to the Aipek.

And yes how to get the .asf for the Aiptek if you have a
DV 5700? The decoder is MS mpeg4s decoder MDO
Which comes free with ACE Mega Codec pack 6
I wonder how to load the codec into virtual dub?
After convertig to avi using that codec, one needs
awindows freeware converter to .asf, does anyone know
where to get it. The aiptek arcsoft SW is not available for
sale, but comes only with the new cameras.:?

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