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I've tried the Oregon Scientific ATC 1000 and 2000. Both were very disappointing. Neither has a screen, so you couldn't check even something so simple as camera angle until you got home. The buttons, though handily located on the camera, required 2-4 second pushes, which was far too long for many circumstances in which you'd want to be using a helmet cam in the first place. Often I'd have to stop, take my helmet off, and look at the cam to see what it was really doing.

The resolution and/or frame rates were lousy. The ATC 2000 had a totally useless microphone. They had bad color rendition, poor focus, cmos optical aberrations etc. Both were for helmet mounting, but were so heavy and bulky they were problems. They were advertised as being often used mounted on one side of a helmet, but in fact the weight of them would pull the helmet sideways. No image stabilization! Now, what would you want that for?

The only redeeming factor was that the ATC 2000 was waterproof and made a crude but fuctional underwater cam.

So the POV.1 has a built-in screen. Nice. The remote control deals with some of the control issues. The fact it can be wrist-mounted is an excellent idea.

Some questions:

- are there loud status beeps (say for operating while bicycling in traffic?)
- is the whole thing really waterproof? Doesn't look like it.
- can the remote be mounted on handlebars etc?
- how easy is it to operate the buttons accurately and quickly?
- can you adjust the focus?

We've seen a heated discussion of frame rates here. The POV.1 can record at 30, 25, 24 and 15fps.

Is the POV.1 a POS?

Bottom Line: MSRP is $700. For that price, I'd expect it to be good. Far beyond how badly I need a helmet cam.

(If a half-decent multi-featured hybrid can sell for $100, why is the ATC 2000 so useless for $130?)
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