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Here's a tip for Corel/Ulead users who run into this issue.

UNINSTALL the Diamond Multimedia "One-Touch Video Capture" software.

This restores your ability to launch Corel/Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus.

Apparently, the two software programs are INCOMPATIBLE.
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When it became apparent my Cyberlink PowerDirector 5 could not handle H.264/MOV files, I shelled out for a copy of Adobe Premier Elements 4. I don't know if I just got used to how Power Director, Ulead VideoStudio etc. work, but I'm having an extremely difficult time trying to do the simplest things in APE4. Like getting a title to fade in and out, or how long a title appears. Plus a hundred other functions that I already know how to do in PowerDirector.

It seems to me that PowerDirector, VideoStudio etc. have a very intuitive way of doing the things amateurs would want to do, while APE seems to be derived from professional software that requires extensive education to master.

But if you learned APE first, it's possible that PowerDirector and VideoStudio would be difficult to learn. I don't know.

APE4 does handle H.264/MOV files, but if you feed it a project with a lot of different video and still file types, it will choke. With all H.264/MOV plus .jpg's it seems ok. PowerDirector 5, on the other hand, will handle a wider variety of file types, but crashes enthusiastically whatever you feed it.

I'm trying to convince myself to get rid of APE4 and buy PowerDirector 7. But I haven't yet determined if PD7 is stable enough. (Googling "Powerdirector 7 crashes" gets 60,000 returns, "Powerdirector 5 crashes" gets 50,000 returns, "Premier Elements 4 crashes" gets 245,000 returns.)

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Well, it's possible to get a stable Windows editing system, but I also have a Mac and I all I can say is my experience on the Macintosh has been about 10 times easier than on the Windows systems.

The reason is that the operating system on the Macintosh is so darned logical and protected, you -- as the user -- are far less likely to be able to bring it to its knees by installing unstable software, etc.

On my Macintosh, if I install a 3rd-party program that is poorly written, I can easily uninstall that program by dragging it to the trash. That's it. And it doesn't leave behind tentacles of the crappy program. It's completely, cleanly removed.

On Windows, you have to treat the operating system extremely carefully because one wrong step -- POW -- it can bring your system to its knees quite easily.

Unfortunately, I have to work on Windows computers because they're cheaper and I can't persuade my bosses to switch.

But I don't run into the kinds of problems on my Macintosh that I encounter routinely on my Windows computers.
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Which makes a good argument for making good editing software available on .... Linux!

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I made an Announcement: video editing AVSu a free editing tool

got a good number of Fx's for FREE looks better then Arcsofts total media extreme or media exspressions

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