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showson1 Jun 21, 2006 2:59 PM

Ok, here'sa strange one.

I posted a topic about some issues I am having with my DDV-920. One of the issues is a lot of noise in the form of "colored speckles" in dark and black areas. My primary machine is an Intel iMac.

I'm at work now (on a PC) and I went to update the topic, so I clicked on the picture and no "colored speckles".. really not much noise at all.

Now I know the iMac has a much better video card, monitor and resolution than this machine I'm on now, but I can't imagine that it would create as much noise as I'm seeing.. or hide it as much as it is..

Is it possible that the JPG format used by the camera is interpreted differently on the Mac?

I'm going to try another test and take a screenshot of the picture on the Mac, then view that on the PC. If it is interpreted differently on the Mac then I should be able to see the noise from that screenshot.

Very interesting.

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