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Hmm i dont know if it belongs to Hybrid but the Video quality is ++++

* Carl Zeiss Optics: Vario-Tessar glass lens
* Matrix, 4.5х5.5 мм, CMOS, 3.2 megapixel (2048x1536)
* Shutter speed: Mechanical shutter: 1/2400~1/3 s
* Macro focus distance 30 cm (macro @ Wide) 10 cm (macro @ Middle to Tele)
* Focus range 10 cm ~ infinity
* Focal length 4.5 mm (Wide) /12.4 mm (Tele) 34.25 - 94.1 mm(35mm equiv.)
* Still image file format: JPEG/EXIF
* Auto focus
* White balance: automatic, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent
* Exposure compensation: +1 ~ -1EV at 0.5 step
* Scene: automatic, user, close-up, landscape, night, night portray
* Color tone: normal, sepia, black & white, negative
* Zoom (optical/digital) 3x / up to 20x

heres sample vids


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I do not mind as there is realy no other place to talk about a hybrid with multiple tasks.

A moderator once wanted to keep things real low keyed and only allowed a hybrid Under 199.99 and it had to be a Mustek if it was aiptek it was accepted, nothing Else.

Wonder what ever happened to that person?

The samsung ws it , Sorry I have to dig up the video from the 2004,2005 expo show.

camera came in with a strong bang and went out without a notice discontinued by sprint.

I use my cell just for calls Lol. I place a pic on a phone number, and try t okeep a certain ring for that individual.

I preferre a hybrid as it is ment for those Purposes. I can easily replace a hybrid , if it breaks, I cannot afford to replace a cellphone if it gets lost ,stolen or dropped. a highway rrobbery of Overpricing. the cell looks like a 500.00 usc pric and hate to see it abused.
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Try nearer $800! It seems the moment you add cellphone functionality you can add at least $200 to the equivalent hybrid device LOL

I think the definition of a hybrid for the purposes of this forum should be a device in which the camera functions ie video and still images are the main purpose of the device. After all this is a camera website. The Nokia N93 is really a cellphone first, and video camera second. It could also be classed as a PDA. There is well known website for Cellphone Devices called at www.howardforums.com

Otherwise a lot of cellphones would soon come under this category since many now do video, photos and mp3's although most not as good quality as the hybrids from Aiptek, Mustek etc.

I love these symbian phones as I myself have a Nokia 6600. While not as well specified as the N93, I use it it a lot to take photos and small videos of my son as I always have it with me. The problem, as fishycomics said, is that they can too expensive to replace than a cheap hybrid from Aiptek etc.!
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Thank you as now this topic is closed
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