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fishycomics Feb 25, 2011 5:01 AM

O.T: and Hybrid cams
O.T. I thoughtyou guys may be intereste when I do my Review, video soon to come

xshot tripod a monopod lightweight to have

If you own a lightweight cam, like a pc low budget cam, examples
Kodak zx1, zi8. Playtouch
Aiptek gvs, ahd300, is-dv2
Diglife series, pure digital,rca,etc,etc or any typ digital still.

You'll want to check out what xshot has to offer. A promotion code may be available for a further discount for members and guests,soon to come, or found online, check back for details, no promises

The xshot comes in four designs, and again catered for leightweight 1.4 oz cams, they extend to a good arms length, and can be mounted, or modded to a kiyak, in the near future a bike, or just walking around.

You can opt of a smaller length xshot that is basically the size of a large hand, fits in your pocker and takes up absolutely no space. No special tools or additional attachments will be needed.

If you love vlogging, and want to quikly capture that moment , once again checkem out.

$25.00 is not a bad price,and $5.00 saves you 25% that is a great deal. no promises

Do not forget to mention my name. Fishycomics, when Purchasing for feedback as well. My name will not get you a break, but will show recognition if you decide to purchase

I am trying to get one myself and show in the upcoming days, why this is a great travelers monopod, a personal tripod, set with modded own personal attachchments.

Look for my reviews, as well other reviews directly at:

Thank you fishycomics

If this goes agaisnt guidelines please do not hesitate to in your best intrest, thank you .

Posted for. The tripod section , feel free to edit and. Correct, have a great day!

For those who cannot afford a major company others can be found for $13.00
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots

loghound Feb 26, 2011 12:55 AM

Hi Fishy,

That looks pretty cool -- What I'm not sure is how to get it for $20 (the page says $25) -- is there a coupon code?

I tried 'fishycomics' but it didn't work :-)


fishycomics Feb 26, 2011 5:38 AM


Originally Posted by loghound (Post 1203985)
Hi Fishy,

That looks pretty cool -- What I'm not sure is how to get it for $20 (the page says $25) -- is there a coupon code?

I tried 'fishycomics' but it didn't work :-)


YEs, I pm'd some info, It is Amazing As I was not clear I underlined , andadded a note, no code is available yet mention my name as feedback to them so they understand that I was the one who directed you to the site for a purchase. it will not get yuo a discount. but hey try asking before. they take a few days to respond.

You may say. hey Fishycomics on the forum I hang mentioned....

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