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Every time I try to reply to fishycomic's post on this cam, my browser session hangs. So I've opened an new topic instead.

I've had an ATC-2000 for a few months. It replaced my ATC-1000, which was a fairly crude piece of gear. I was hoping the ATC-2000 would be a big improvement, but it's not.

As for styling the ATC-2000 looks great. However this is not matched by the performance. It does capture movement better than the 1000, with 640x480 video at 30fps instead of 15fps.

However, both have video quality worse than any but the very cheapest and oldest hybrid cams I've used. The fixed focus seemes to not be in clear focus for any distance. The 2000 suffers from frequent inappropriate and abrupt changes in color rendition, as it changes it's mind about what sort of light it's seeing. The microphone is utterly useless unless you shout into it. The 1000 has a properly sensitive microphone, but it has problems with wind noise.

Though the 2000 responds to the buttons faster than the 1000, it is still painfully slow. This is a camera meant for action situations, which is exactly where you don't have time to press a button for a few seconds to do something. The 2000 also has rubbery buttons with no tactile feedback.

I was hoping the 2000 would have louder control beeps, since in traffic noise and with no tactile button feedback, it's very hard to tell what state it's in. However, the 2000 has even quieter beeps than the 1000, so the guessing continues. I often have to take off my helmet to see what it's doing.

The 1000 can take 640x480 stills, while this was left off the 2000, which is video-only. The 2000 takes 2-AA batteries, which is an improvement over the 1000's 4-AAA batteries.

Since so many 1000's were damaged by being dropped etc, the 2000 has lots of rubber on the case, and looks like it could take some punishment.

The 2000 comes with better and more mounting gizmos and straps, but it is still basically too large and heavy to mount on your head. It's depicted as going on the side of a helmet, but the weight will pull the helmet crooked.

An interesting aspect of the 2000 is that it's waterproof. I took underwater video on a saltwater trip this weekend, and the results are better than I expected. In fact, they look really good, and I can do better as I see what works best. The focus isn't a problem since you don't really expect underwater video to be perfectly sharp anyway. I also left the camera out in the rain without worrying about it. It's considered capable of going down 10'.

So while I was looking forward to the 2000 resolving the shortcomings of the 1000, I'd say the 2000 is almost as limited as the 1000. Anyone hoping to get presentable video from things like mountain biking probably will be very disappointed. On the other hand, this would be excellent for casual underwater use.
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