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Default Panasonic: WA10, DC10, DC1, TA20 and TA2

Well, Panasonic has taken over Sanyo apparently, and where are the new Sanyo hybrid cameras (which they released far to many of last year). Well, look here are new Sanyo looking Panasonic cameras. This one's a pistol grip waterproof one, but there is a sony bloggie looking flatpack model (ZX3 style).


Now a question, Sanyo has used Micron and even higher quality Sony sensor in times past, will Panasonic now use it's newer better sensor technology as used for the GH2, that would be good.

Well it looks like they are using a back illuminated sensor at least that might deliver a better image. I wonder if it is a Sony form a prior contract. It also has 16mp sensor. The flat pack is more 8mp, no mention of back illuminated sensor. Otherwise fairly normal fair,

Looks nice compared to the Kodaks.

Now here is a camera I would like to see squashed into a hybrid with high frame rate SHD3D:


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I've been watching that development since they were announced. as a long time lover of the Xacti cameras but also a fan of Pansonic cameras they look pretty interesting.

The sensors are also BSI (back side illuminated) so they should perform better in low light (in theory anyway)

Quite curious to see them when they are available...
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I am pretty sure it isn't a Panny sensor, as they have been going their own way with a MOS rather than a BS CMOS sensor.

Also, Panny is still sticking with CCD for many models. My LX5 has a 1/1.8 CCD and it is superb for video. Everything I take comes out just right -- even in almost total darkness. Except for the CCD problem of vertical purple streaks caused by bright light point-sources. Battery lasts for 2 hrs 15 mins of continuous AVCHD video, 2 hrs 45 mins with the add-on viewer (saves on screen power).

The most interesting of the new cameras is the HX-DC10, IMO, although the HX-DC1 may be at a better price-point.
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