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Actually the EIS works surprisingly well when walking. I remember looking at a clip I took while walking down a dirt path and being surprised that it was watchable. Remember the EIS uses up some resolution and there's not a lot to start with. But I tend to leave it on because the steady pictures more than makes up for the slight degradation in picture quality.

I own a Sanyo C6, which is an update of the C40. The low light capability of the Panasonic is almost as good as the C6 , which means it's a definite improvement over the C40. All these cameras get noisy in low light, though. If you don't edit and simply want to copy the footage to DVD, the Panasonic will work great for you. The interlaced footage looks much better on TV than Sanyo footage converted to MPEG-2.

One problem I have with the Sanyo pistol grip form factor is that I can't for the life of me keep it level. The camera always tips one way or another. I find the Panasonic much easier to hold level and it has the option of displaying horizontal guide lines in the view screen, which is a big help.

Finally the SDR-S10 isn't a replacement for a still camera. I don't even know why they bother include the settings on the camera. The still photo is no better than a frame grab that you can get from the video. I put a neck strap on the Sanyo C6 and take it long when I use the Panasonic. A second camera isn't a problem: What's another 6 oz. to carry?
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EIS is very good. I bounced it along the dash of a 500hp tractor trailer. As some may know, the straight six monstrosity is thumping cylinders directly at the dash board (regardless of fancy sound deadeners- that is a BIG freakin signal).

to be concerned with the vid quality and shakes and atomics of it (precision) I did recently learn through trial and error, the absolute fastest sdhc card available is a must have. The camers slowest record is 2.5mbit, and regularsd cards max at 2mbit.It records it, but there is a loss, and interlace lines will be more on slow cards.If to use regular sd 2gb or less, "LP mode" and 4:3 seems to hang on the best.

after reading the manual and seeing the outrageous prices panasonic has for thier 20/15 mb/s sdhc (listed as 3 compatible in the manual, attempting proprietary) I am going for the 8gb class 6 at a minumum when it comes time for having the best I can get out of the camera.

And as for "mechanical DVD"- that is as dead as recording to tape. Panasonic themselves describing the sdr-s10 claims nearly twice the quality of any of its own mpeg2 previous releases, and I must agree. I have put it through camcorder hell and back to see a vid I have never seen justshy of HD on its slowest mode.

I liked it enough to thoughts of getting two of them, or even going to the model that is completely waterproof.

Encoding for pc reveals the slowersd card memory problems (the atomics and particles a pc can ZOOM in on) but to go straight to dvd, alot of folkswill get away with crappy slow speed sd cards (very cheap and expendible). My pc, as like many modern, revealed every tiny little oddity, and I recommend the best sdhc to gather video data. The camera gets hot past lp mode and slowsd cards.As of now, regular sd and LP mode as I said is the best lookin vid. Bursts of HD looking scenes are as far as I have gotten. The camera is ahead of itself..as a 32gb class6 would be quite welcome. I drained the battery for 55minutes straight (nice lunar eclipse timelapse BTW), so more data being held isn't all that difficult with a simple car plugin, or whatever to keep it going steady.

A no BS camera, and works beyond oem description. Down to $200 shipped recently, and it is not an mpeg4 internet toy. Go for it. It is a winner as of my current opinion.(I never saythat about any electronics)
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hey everybody!!! I NEED UR HELPP!!!!:roll:

i just got the SDR-S10 and i have a major problemm: i can not import my videos, the pictures i can but not the videos and its driving me crazy!!! i know i must be some kind ofidiot or something but pleassse help me!!

im waiting for answers!

tnkss!!!!!!!!! ponyy!
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ponydog wrote:
hey everybody!!! I NEED UR HELPP!!!!:roll:

i just got the SDR-S10 and i have a major problemm: i can not import my videos, the pictures i can but not the videos and its driving me crazy!!! i know i must be some kind ofidiot or something but pleassse help me!!

im waiting for answers!

tnkss!!!!!!!!! ponyy!
Very interesting thread about the pros and cons of Panasonic SDR-S10 --- I just got this SDR-S10 and having the exact same issue as ponyy described.

I am using the highest quality video (XP mode), because my goal is to burn these *.MOD files onto DVDs without loss of quality. I would like to preserve the family videos in the highest quality possible.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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I have the Panasonic SDR-S10 but I misplaced the software disc and I'm not the most tech-savvy person on earth... how do I get my videos to play? Is there somewhere I can redownload the software or some other program I need?
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Private Idaho,

Do you know of a good Intermediate Codec for MPEG-2?

I looked at Cineform and it looks like their stuff doesn't work with MPEG-2.

One other thing to note too, is that "NeoHDV" codec is no longer available, they seem to be replacing it with "NeoScene" Private Idaho wrote: [/b]
Also, I edit on both Mac and PC.

Mac is way better; worth every penny.

Apple includes the "Apple Intermediate Codec" (AIC) on every Macintosh.

This allows one to edit all long GOP formats such as MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 as easily as one can edit I-Frame formats such as MiniDV.

On the PC, I have the Cineform "NeoHDV" codec, which cost me $250.

But it also works very, very well.

On that link I provided to the YouTube video about the Panasonic SDR-S10, you'll note the comments from purchasers who struggle to edit the MPEG-2 in Windows Movie Maker. What they completely fail to understand is that they should not be attempting to edit the MPEG-2 directly. Virtually all consumer PC video editing programs were designed initially to edit .avi files -- including MiniDV files -- directly. And they can handle .avi quite well. But Ulead, Magix, and other low-cost consumer programs all purchased their MPEG capabilities from MainConcept. And MainConcept's direct MPEG editing feature is not perfected. If you zoom in on directly edited MPEG files, you'll note tiny video "blips" at or near cut points. And, depending on the source of the MPEG file, you may also experience video/audio synchronization problems. So anybody who attempts to edit MPEG (long GOP) files directly is asking for trouble, in my view.

Better to transcode such files to an intermediate I-Frame format.

Then edit.

I've found the intermediate codecs do a great job of preserving quality.

Private Idaho
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Hello again. Here's some answers to recent questions:

There's no need to use an intermediate codec to edit the Panasonic footage. It is possible to go from the SD chip to a DVD without re-encoding the footage. The biggest challenge is to change the MOD files to MPG files. This can be done as easily as renaming the extension of each file individually. I use a simple (free) utility called SDcopy to automate this. It can be found here:


The download is a zip file with the executable and an MPEG library that you should leave in the same directory. You'll have to set up a shortcut yourself. SDcopy automatically copies files from an SD chip to your hard drive, renames the MOD extension, and optionally resets the 16:9 flag on the footage if you are shooting widescreen. (I believe there was a problem with some DVD players not displaying the footage correctly if this flag is not reset.) If I remember correctly, SDcopy was developed for early JVC hard drive cameras that used MOD video files. But it works with the Panasonic.

As for editing, Microsoft's MovieMaker does not import MPEG2 footage. It also wants to export WMV video, which is useless for DVDs. I still recommend Wobble's MPEG Video Wizard. The price has droppedby half in the last year. The full DVD authoring version is about $70 now, which is a good deal for an editor that also can make MP4s for Video iPods or YouTube. (Wobble also hasan editor-only version for about $30 or so.) When making traditional DVDs, MPEG Video Wizard edits without re-encoding so what you captured to the SD chip is identical to the copies you make on DVD.

Thebiggest limit to MPEG Video Wizardis that there is only a single video track on its timeline. (I still use Adobe Premiere for professional video projects.) MPEG Video Wizardcan do wonderful 2D and 3D transitions, but not effects that require multiple video tracks. (If Wobble added multiple video tracks I'd junk Premiere forever.) MPEG Video Wizard also imports MP4 and avi files. So you can convert the MPEG2 video to a lossless codec and edit it as an avi file if necessary. And if you have to codecs loaded, it's possible to have MPG1, MPEG2, MP4, and even Flash video on the same timeline. Pretty cool for a $30 editor!
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