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a test is being done

i will be testing the Aiptek MPVr for stills how many shots can be snapped on a fully charged battery?

test started at 2:20pm it is 15 minutes in at 230 shots on full stay tuned no flash

test is in at 2:50 430 shots battery full and camera froze in recording. overload. i am able to pull the sd card out and says card change? and goes into internal memory still in record mode, needed to pluul battery out and all is in order agan battery still full.

at 20 mins futher 675 shots again i over heated the camera

at 775 shots @ 5 secs per shots while the lcd is constant on the battery just dropped and back to full and hitting 800 it is now one bar down

1225 Pix in thats about 500 shots w/o a over heat now battery is flashing within 25 shots in at 1250 an then going to stay on its last cell possable another 250-500 shots before a drain or exhaustion , and then i'll be able to turn on/off again for a few extra shots

14025 I overloaded again and still on the last cell working on 2000 plus must alow the camera to cool off

at 1800 I again overloaded and every 50 pix as well by the 2000 pix still on the last cell I finally got the camera to not function at all a total blank screen due to overheat.

so this concludes my test

The battery and lcd will get hot and due to climate and heat conditions cause the camera to freeze and not function solution is to remove battery and allow camera a cool down period

the outcome you may get over 2000 shots in a 3 12 or more enviorment

If you go to a auto, boat or any ehibit you'll have a good 3-5 hours of stillshots without turning the camera off. constant shots. now this test still does not hold true, because while you are allowing the camera to stay on full time this will eat battery time and lessshots are to be taken so I believe if I go out and am at a show for 2 hours or more I can depend on it to work for me with an extra battery anda 1 gig sd card.
additional info I noticed my sd card was not in the slot 100% so the internal took over I did somehow currupted the card while filming lol and well I reformated 200 plus shots and all is in perfect working order..............
Any questions and comments let us know .....Mod Fishy

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