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fishycomics Sep 30, 2015 5:37 PM

Polaroid CUbe + Full Review and owners thread

Nov 1st Release Date

Thanks for stopping by this is going to be one of the Most popular cameras on the Market, they heard your feedback and listened to the Customer and came out soon after with their updated version from the basic model known as the Cube. This is what makes a Hybrid camera fit right here in the WWW. Many are with smartphones today, they even go under water and do 4K but are not quite small like the Polaroid, There is Gopro. Who said you had to spend $$$$$, that is why Polaroid has a excellent price tag.

If you take a look why Kodak got out and if they stayed, they would have Killed Gopro in a heart beat,

If you take a look why Aiptek went their route, they would have put an end to gopro's high price tag as well

Oh wait Kodak passed their name to JK LTD known as Pixipro
and made the S360 a 360 degree 4k camera size of a lil box that looks like part of the Lunar pratrol lbuggy thingy..

All kidding aside . I speak my mind and I constantly keep at it as I personally enjoy my hobby if it were not for people like me, buying products , exploring them and sharing feedback threw show-n-tell, one would never know...

Are you interested in a Polaroid Cube + or gopro hero session, many are not interested in sound but just sharing video with Itune music. visit me at my Polaroid channel and enjoy my reviews I just wanted t stop by and do it Old school style , Like I did with Aiptek years Back the link is provided at

Peaces FISH

Welcome Polaroid announced their New line up of a camera,
called the Cube + for Pre-order

Polaroid pre-order only will include Water proof case, Will include bumper case and sd card

See Full Review Soon to come

WiFi on the fly

Stream your footage in real time with iOS and Android compatible WiFi capabilities.

Need a viewfinder? Your WiFi-enabled Polaroid CUBE+ can pair with any smart device for real-time view controls and shot framing right from your device screen
what’s your resolution?

Most of life looks great in 720p but we all know there are moments that deserve nothing less than full 1440p. Select 1440p at 30 frames per second for stunning full HD playback. Either way, you control video file size and image quality with the flick of switch.

go large 124 degree FOV

Let your friends and family see the total picture of your life. With its 124 wide angle lens, the Polaroid CUBE+ promises to deliver footage as large as your adventures. No one will doubt your glory again.

go small

35 x 35 x 35mm size means you can go stealth. Easily hidden for wildlife capture, as well as lightweight enough to not stress your baggage allowance, the small frame is ready for every video and photo op minus fumbling or fuss.

the water’s fine

A tough little rubberized frame makes your Polaroid CUBE+ weather resistant and splashproof. Need something more…immersive? Use the optional Waterproof Case and really go deep down, 33’ (10m) down to be exact.

we hear you

Great footage from your ski trip just isn’t the same without the sounds of whooshing. A built-in mic ensures that we hear the ecstasy of the carve and the agony of the face plant.

Image stabilization means you can be on the move without the shaky footage. Whether you use an optional mount to fly through space or take handheld shots, image stabilization keeps things crisp.

be still

Our HD video camera was made knowing that sometimes you just want to capture the perfect shot. Shoot still images from your Polaroid CUBE+ in full 8 megapixel resolution.
singular control

Turn it on (and off) and toggle between video and still to record and capture, all from one thumb-friendly button.

mount up

Our family of mounts instantly convert your Polaroid CUBE+ into a ski cam, cycle cam, dog cam…all kinds of cams! Choose from Helmet Mount, Bicycle Mount and more. Our Waterproof Case + Suction Mount will easily affix to your surfboard and capture your ride for posterity.
an app for that

The Polaroid CUBE+ app makes it easy to sync up your camera with a smart device for enhanced features. Use it for access to a viewfinder, and even to connect multiple users to a single camera unit. Capture, edit, save, print and share your images all from the app.

not afraid of the dark

Polaroid CUBE+ automatically adjusts to low-light conditions to produce better results when real-world lighting isn’t optimal. Go ahead, get that birthday cake shot!

  • USB: 100 MM long cable
  • Battery: 600 mAh
  • Charging Time: 60 Min Via USB
  • Size: 35.5 x 35.5 x 35.5 mm
  • Colors: Black,Red and Blue
  • WaterResistant : IPX4
  • Connectivity: Integrated Wi-Fi upto 30ft.
  • App: Android & iOS
  • Resolution: Max 1440p60-720p120
  • Camera FOV: 124 degrees
  • Frame Rate: 30, 60 and 120
  • Recording Time: 1440p60 85min - 1440p30 11min
  • Sensor MP: 4MP interpolated into 8MP
  • Beeper/LED: Multi function LED and Beeper, Wi-Fi indicator
Polaroid Cube + Check them out

Please feel free to Post below your discussion and more


fishycomics Oct 1, 2015 4:58 PM


FAQ Section

Q: Why is my camera flashing orange when I try to record?

A: The Polaroid CUBE does not have built-in storage to record photos and videos. Please insert a blank microSD card (not included) up to 32GB to begin recording. If your camera's LED continues to flash orange, please try powering the Polaroid Cube off and powering it back on. If the problem persists, try formatting the microSD card and attempt again.

Q: When I plug the Polaroid CUBE into my computer's USB port, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

A: When plugging in the Camera it must have the SD card in the camera. Once the camera is successfully connected to your computer, locate and view the files stored on the card. (The camera acts like a regular thumb drive.) To view images and videos, open the folders there that contain those items. You can click and drag photos or videos onto another location on your computer to quickly transfer them, or you can open the Polaroid settings application by double-clicking it to change the basic settings of the Polaroid Cube.

Q: Why is sound not playing on my video?

A: In order to hear the audio on .MOV files, you should download QuickTime Player or VLC Player. Both downloads are free and should allow you to view the files and hear the audio. VLC provides a free converter if the customer needs to use Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker. VLC - VideoLAN - VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS! Quicktime - QuickTime - Download - Apple

Q: Will the magnet on the Polaroid Cube still work with the Bumper Case?

A: Yes! The bumper case is designed to allow the magnet to function. The strength of the magnetic connection is reduced somewhat,but it should still mount firmly to most metal surfaces.

Q: How long will the Polaroid Cube record consecutively?

A: Up to 90min. Please note that recording in Full HD (1080p) will reduce the time the camera is able to record.

Q: How long does the Polaroid Cube take to charge?

A: The Polaroid Cube should be fully charged after 1-2 hours connected to power.

Q: Can the Polaroid Cube be used as a webcam?

A: Unfortunately, the Polaroid Cube can’t be used as a webcam.

Q: What is Cycle Recording?

A: Cycle recording means that as long as the Polaroid Cube has battery power, videos will be recorded in a cycle. Once the microSD card is full, the Polaroid Cube will continue recording but begin erasing the oldest footage on the card with the newest.

Q: The description on the website says the Polaroid cube can record up to an hour and a half but mine is maxing out at 1 hour... Why?

A: Check the resolution setting under the twist off battery cover- generally the 1080p setting will take up more space due to its higher image quality and resolution. If you want more recording time but slightly lesser quality, flip the switch to 720p.

Polaroid Cube Firmware Update Installation Instructions

If the Cube application does not open correctly on your computer, you may need to update the Firmware. To update the firmware on your Polaroid Cube:

1. Download the firmware file HERE onto your computer.

2. Insert a microSD card into your Polaroid Cube and plug the Cube into your computer’s USB port.

3. Open the Cube microSD on your computer in Windows Explorer.

4. Move the Firmware file downloaded from the link above to the microSD card.

5. Eject the Cube from your computer. (One way to do this is to right click the Cube volume on the left and choose “Eject”.)

6. Once the Cube has been ejected, remove the USB cable from the Cube.

7. Power the Cube on. You should see the LED Indicator on the Cube flash rapid yellow for about 2 seconds. After the LED Indicator stops flashing rapidly yellow, the firmware should be successfully installed

fishycomics Oct 1, 2015 6:14 PM

In the mean time to see the actual device and actually who has aright image of the real deal?

take note the POLCP here in person compared to the image above from polaroids site

It is not easy to see if a led, is show on the back, while it was shown on the top

and at the site it is clearly shown as an older style,.

The question at hand how long will Wi-Fi last, and how will this be turned on & off, Also is the led going to display photo, video, Wi-Fi, charge, on/off in various colors?

The POLCP Cube +, is quite limited with Wi-Fi range, 30 ft, it's enough to set up anywhere, to capture shots, while having unlimited power when plugged to a supplied source. Cube + does not have BLTE, nor a RC(remote control) it has just above the basics, to get the job done?

While orders are being placed, inventory made, only time will tell? Like Kodak, given out their model to air well in advance to grab the limelight, would have been nice to see some in house shots, not all can do, and it's only a few weeks away. Time will tell?


fishycomics Oct 2, 2015 11:54 AM

Accessories will be added here

fishycomics Oct 2, 2015 6:50 PM

preview talk

fishycomics Oct 3, 2015 11:06 AM

Polaroid Monkey Mount for the Polaroid CUBE HD Action Lifestyle Camera

If we all had a 3-D printer we can replicate something to our liking, and that is something I am interested in, for example if I wanted to leave in my car all the time in the open, but need to take my camera with me for worrying about things. I can leave a figurine in place?

So on the hunt because I may not be a perfect designer, for something I personally like?

With the Dbroth Figurine it's missing something , for $60.00 it is overly priced, and can be found for a lot less. It's missing the head of the Monkey. When you are not using your product , would you not want a head on there, or another figures head. should copyright that.

Something simple to find out there of your own liking, and some crafty thought, cut the head smack a magnet on both ends, and replace with:

and you got your own personal design. Even better yet any bobble head out there, will do you get the picture

DBroth/Polaroid has brought up a interesting concept for sharing Fun, and that I give credit to, a simple tripod wins people over, being creative, is Priceless.


Product not yet released on Market, shown at Amazon snd for sale at $17.00-60 plus No actual size, weight 8 oz., made of plastic & rubber available since Sept 2014

fishycomics Oct 4, 2015 9:33 AM

When we dig deep..

Polaroid Bankrupted twice since 2010.

Robert Brunner, worked for or with Apple, Designer and Firm of and designed the Polaroid products. He also did Beats, for HP.

Information out there said this wasa2gb internal, and 5mp camera, for the Cube?

Dig deep and you shall find a empty shallow...

fishycomics Oct 4, 2015 2:10 PM

Product info accessorry

fishycomics Oct 5, 2015 8:51 AM

227 outside views.1 youtube guest, asks weight of camera, which camera? Any member know,

fishycomics Oct 6, 2015 11:19 AM

250 is the gopro hero 4 session is it worth that?

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