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Open for descussion post away

polaroid review Video Click me

Welcome to another true mans Review. dated april 22, 2007 10 am :

Suggested retail price...........Sale Price 88.00 This weeks special 89.99

This is a Polaroid Simplicity Tm CAA-03040S 3.0 megapixel Cmos Sensor

  • 3 megapixel cmos sensor [/*]
  • 2.4"bright color Tft Lcd [/*]
  • 4x digital 0 optical [/*]
  • 16 megabyte built in memory [/*]
  • battery level Indicator [/*]
  • Pc capatble(no mac) [/*]
  • Includes Photo Editing Software on cd-Rom (.....)
Additional Product features:
  • Takes AVI clips with Audio (upt to30 FPS-640x480/320x240) [/*]
  • Still Images Jpeg [/*]
  • Usb interfaceAuto Exposure [/*]
  • Auto exposure [/*]
  • Electronic timer(...) [/*]
  • workingrange 30-~ (32" to infinity) [/*]
  • Red Eye Reduction
  • wrist strap [/*]
  • usb cable [/*]
  • av cables [/*]
  • 2aa batteries [/*]
  • Photo editing Software (....)[/*]
Made In China

Looking over the camcorder: description, and details.

1. leftside the Hybrid comes in a sealed plastic container, be very careful apon opening, it is best to use scissors.

1 right side the rear of the container add'l details, (all the info is located above off the box)

2 left. software , manual, warranty and a quick guide( *No Video Editing programs)

2 right rca plug in left/right audio and vido (possable sterio output, or mono/mono) wrist strap, PairDeer 1.5vdc alkaline batteries (2aa) Rohs usb cable Excluding a case, tripod and lens cover.

3 leftfront view always the most Important, L.E.D. video lights Mid size flash, Machro/infinity lens (fixed) 8.3mm/F3.0 center trim has a Rubber line for Index grip of finger.

3 right Tft lcd side view Polaroid stamp, and a two tone Blue (deep blue/ hint of Purple) it is a Swival screen and additional Info in the next few pics.

4 left. back view 2.4"color tft screen and it swivals, rotates for overhead, and below folds into the body reversed. top is a led light (soft) 5 buttons for your features and functions lets not foget there is one additional one , in the next few pics. below wil be a mini cover for the hidden Usm tv out and called AV on the cover

4 right your video Light, and sd black cover for sd/mmc ( card goes in the left pic showing the rear cover) your serial sticker.

5 left a close look to where the sd card goes the cable and its cover (dark Picture)

5 right showing how the screen folds into the camcorder in reverse.

6 left Battry side metal rim on top is the straop holder speaker below that(external Speaker) and its covre door for the 2aa batteries

6 right apon opening and add'l pic needed for cover a 6 clip holder always, no battery strap for easy removal but semi seprated pins are sturdy and icons are pritty big for sore eye of direction, hard to snap in at first.

7 left top view will be the mic, if sterio or mon/mono. pic button that is the 6th button Love that feature.

7 right tripod mount a metal screw and the camcorders model ROHS

A On the go pic and filming no reading part one

As I am excited apon a new device , I quickly run out with a set of batteries if fresh or not,w/o reading the instructions. It is very easy to use the hybrid. I do recommend taking the time to learn the device, and read the quick guide, paper manual, and if a E-online (cd-r) one. Learn the hybrid as you go, you'll enjoy it much better?

1 Opening up the hybrids battery doo, I load my power? I look for the on/off, flipping on the screen open/close works the power. Very hard to see in Direct Full Sun. My thumb, or grip changes the settings, orfunctions by accident. I hear The sound simular or exact of Aiptek start up, but do not hear a picture or vid sound of start/stop? I do not see in the pic a record or a change when it is snapped?

Now I am and ready, and taken my vid it is a AVI format of 1.5 times the size 1 meg = 1.25-1.50 mb avi. I do not know if I am on 640 or 320, I must correct the vid res in the camera. So I Vid record and see the link, it is an Actual footage:

My Very first video Click me20.1 mb 15 sec video @640x480 res

second vid click me 11mb 8 sec using youtube (flash)

The weather is hot (giving up free time) very blue the ski, and perfect spring day sun is at almost high noon and to my back above the shoulder.

Now we have snapped a first time video lets not bicker about a Moire efx it is on most hybrids andnoticable on this one as well.

Lets take a snap shot of something? So as i am sset to take a Pic I am suprized to see lil motion, and no sound I snap a second Pic for safety asa back up see pic 1

Pic 1 3 mb at left side 780kb res size 2048x1536,790k right side

The sun is out full sun of a emblemon the ground. as well bottom the water shot mention in the above video.

So now that I have used the hybrid i decided to find a shaded spot and correct some of the features and functions of the Hybrid. I need to brighten thescreen, place the sound on, and know if i correctly got the vid res at vga(640) or Qvga(320), the pic at 1mb, 3mb, 5 mb I also noticed night shot, and some other functions.

My conclusion for an on the go Pic and filming:

Not very good, can throw you for a loop, and make you think three times? It can be very decieving if his hybrid will film correctly or snap a picture correctly. only way i wil know this, If I have a laptop at hand, and the sun makes it so much harder on both, but be at my door step,and inside doing my testing, fo a better test of pics and vids. Once I review the pics and vids i can see a better color or shade, on some shots. not all. So as for on the go out of the box I an rating

out of 5

here I'll toss up two more shots a picand a vidI concider very Important vid/ aud synch, anda portrait shot before we get to learn the hybrid camcorder

Video/audio Synch if any 30 sec video youtube andactual footage 31 meg 25 secs

Youtube footage click mesee if you can tell?

B, learnig as you go: camera, video and more

As I learn to read what comes the the Hybrid the First peice of paper is the Support center. I notice USA is the Last on the List and Africa the First followed by Australia, canada followed by 15 or more after USA seems to have a few more numbers if of other devision of products. no matterwhat order it is Perfect to have support.

Next item is the Warranty. 1 year parts, and labour read full warranty for details..

the manual (no Quick guide ) is 11 pages safety,detail to the use of the hybrid I have glanced and read the parts I need to know and One part I like to know is th capacity of the unit on an external card

1 gig will get you 20 minutes of video, in AVI format only

2nd info is battery life, we'll need to do a test?

So far so good. I have turned on my Unit corrected my setting to a quick start, instant on , turned off the start up which takes about 5 secs from flip up while it takes less than 2 secs on

I correct my tft screen to the fullest may consume a lil more baterry, can always adjust for night time if needed, if a low light hybrid???

I also set from default the Picture resolution of 1 meg 3 meg or 5 meg?

*Important note Polaroid does not mention Interpolation of a 5 meg hybrid at all, it is a default 3 mb camera with 5 meg interpolation?

I also set the video res to vga 640, and I am set for all my action shots. Camcorder remembers those settings for the next time. (always at hghest res)

Now I am fimular with my Hybrid, and pass expierience of others. I am good for the next steps.

Conclusion on lerning the Hybrid, it may take some afew minutes to get to know a hybrid to days, but it takesmore than a few hours for sure. Please do not allow this to interfere with your choice?

As my review is just about Complete we need to go to some advance stages, and some other features that I concider special to the hybrid

Video lightingNight Mode flash photo histogram on video display

Low Light situation shots and light adjustment.

1Pictures during day light in a room

I will start of with the Pictures in a room sun is to the back not my front. so you'll see a glare on the floor reflecting from the house accross the streets reflection, or my shiny floors LOL.

notice the shot I concider pritty good for low light?

now take note with night Mode on if you use a tripod and no movement it works out fine lighter brighter shot, that is all I can say about that.

basicaly what you got is exposure glare rather a great shot. So yes i will await a better time for a shot than forcing one.

The thumb nails allow to show just an idea of the shot, i preferre to place priceles shots Up at this time sorry.

but as you may view the video you'll want to see what is in my closet, so here is a flash shot

A single BURST, ONE time ONLY gets a bright shot

we'll need to do a priceless one at night 15 feet ax from a subject or object.

2videos during day light in a room

As again the video is the same time as the Picture and you'll see natural filming, light is present so is the viewing. I concider this pritty good ti;ll distortion or lines are now appearing? more of a seperation to the hybrids video, old film look? as you take special note I go from light to the closet, you'll not see the junk I have LOL

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh3SkqUPYiw20 plus secs

video with night mode turned on you'll take not how much clearer it is but the shutter window is more opend casuing blurr and movement to be not good. But you can see what I got in my closet for sure. so I concider that the camera is working hard and doing its job but not

to par.


3 video light and night mode

now this is realy something those two Led lights what can they do? well I turn them on do the same scenerio,I getto the white wall you'llsee the light, then to the closet it should light up, not at all, till I move in on the colemans heater

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ4BTSqx7ac30 secs

I believe thiswraps up my video, picture and video light testing

Conclusion: of video still in a indoor situation:

The still in a picture seems soft, and has a faster shutter, no mention of 1/2500th or 25th in manual etc, the night mode works fine in a low light, but may not satisfy you in a midnight shot. the flash will do just that, but not help in REDEYE REDUCTION , period single burst only, video in a natural lighting if light in or on the subject , object will work, but night mode be blury, led light just be a close up as a spot light for all in all it does its job if in the right situation, not 90 % of the time.

Software and extras:

Stop do not pass go, if you pass go plese return!

Total disappointment, and this should be mentioned to Polaroid, if they taken time to go into a video o rhybrid, they should offer video editing software?

Pkg contains: dv ts drvier v100, arc photo impressions 5, card reader and manual.

no video editing tool

the manual online is the same as paper no extras.

If I can comment on this I wish I would, but it seems a hybrid should have software to make it complete? relying on Windows moviemaker or 3rd party is your option. that is my Conclusion to the software and extras.

Over all Conclusion of the Polaroid hybrid camcorder?

Plastic container gets me all the time. Camera got a good feelAs a Mustek Owner it reminds me of the DV5500, but if you take note the Aiptek Is-DV2 seems to click in on its top roundness. 2.4 inch screen is the keeper if you had a choice between aiptek IS-DV2 or Polaroid v100, 3040S,ROHS V302G

I got lost with the Model Number due to too many places on the hybrid and software found? I go Polaroid for body.

The Polaroid is a little more Bulky. Fingers hit the record and you realy rub one of the other buttons, making it sensitive when touching. Excellent Pic button, but poor design for a wrist strap, not a lefty hybrid, due to the strap.

Major dissappointemnt is the AVI File size I own a higher cpu. and I cannot review the videos on the sd card Unless I transfer to the pc.

20 minutes per 1 gig card? storage no info of capacity i say 2-4 gig your choice, and test. you would think AVI gives you a better editing and greater sound/video? possably yes and no? for this? I am upset to answer due to lines distortion and more?

What I do not like is the beep or sound, but love the start up, and sequence of saving . instant on .

hybrid has a delay in pics napping so you need again to give a 3 sec count before moving.

So All in all what are "The Good, the BAD, and the Ugly

Price is good, camera is bad, and polaroid software is ugly.

my rating on this one is

Additional video, and Picture befor the return, on 320x240 by error

First video is a joke I never seen a Solid red light flicker LOL


1 duck flying , camera set for start up I am able to cath them faster front view and back view Hybrid adjusts to light but very grained , saturated and not good at all.


2 in the back of the marsh a burnt out car wished I had the hq on cause the video takes a soft smooth shot . but not wrth crying over


3 here is a picture of the car colourful, the pics are great if you set yourself up correctly ifnot they do get over exposed, under exposed and more just anotheer reason why i am not crying.

Enjoy the last Picture in 640x480

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  1. remembers pic and video sequence after erases[/*]
  2. Instant on with start up of is 2 secs[/*]
  3. start up on its 5 secs[/*]
  4. battery life[/*]
  5. extra big color screen[/*]
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  1. No MP3 Player [/*]
  2. Body style remind me of the Mustek DV5500 in a way, big and bulky even though it is 3 1/2 ''s [/*]
  3. no ear buds even for viewing videos [/*]
  4. avi file format way too big [/*]
  5. red eye, night mode and capacit not mentioned on box missing everything but night mode[/*]
  6. Missing stabilzation[/*]
  7. sd inner cover is too small o see your sd card[/*]
  8. no other indication of on but the screen[/*]
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Using a mediainfo utility, it seems that the AVI file is using MJPEG which is why the file size is so large yet the quality doesn't seem any better than the Aiptek MPVR. I guess they are using MJPEG since it doesn't require as powerful harware.

If you haven't already returned it, could you do some more downloadable raw shots for comparison with my Aiptek. It's very difficult to do this with youtube. I'd like to see how it copes with shots with vegetation such as woodland etc.

Polaroid used to be a respectable name but they seem to be just a synonym for cheap junk ever since their failure to cross over into the digital age. Does the Polaroid company even exist now? or did they sell the name off?
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Is this the Target $88 weekly special?

Is it going back?:?
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more raw footage will be made tommorrow, and i shall take as much as i can before I return.

I also will be making a complaint video for reasons of missleading consumers of no red eye night mode, and external size? and software

Stablization could have been a feature.

Avi format is great but realy slows the cpu down on the external card,

if one owns such a device how do they edit theirfootage?

So theanswer is Yes it will be returned? and hoping on day to get my hands on a hd unit to keep

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Final outcome:

1 As filming I have Encountered a black screen after I hit record? Not once but twice clip1 and then clip 2 not random. I changed functions to an off to allow th hybrid to stay on when the sceen is opened.

2 I could not see in the lighting conditions I was in, the Picture I need to see a REC or hear a sound. I preferre both

3 I preferre to se the record or timer I wish they can have a black backgroundwith white lettering. on all hybrids.

4. Battery life not an issue I recored 45 minute on a low set of batteries , so I hoping I gotten 2 plus hours.

Oh the list can go on, and on, I preferre to say

I can say if you want a hybrid and already have the software ,video editing, and need something smooth in video and big in file size this may be the one for you, I preferre again to wait for the newest Aiptek.

My fingers hit the wrong key, hard to see, hate having no software, and hate that I cannot view off the sd card in the reader.

Rgvcam ifyou like to have footage look in the above post. I am no longer or have this camcorder, I forgotto set the 320x240 to 640x480. sorry.
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At your Local targets regional sales:

the Polaroid is again above the sale price of 89.99 most certain it is a good buy for sure?

a lil bigger than the aiptek, and moe like the mustek,I look into this model once again?
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once again in hand and out of hand thought i keep this but mixed thoughts best to take the 87.00 place in a kitty for the sanyo
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