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Hey a friend just gave me a polaroid dv camcorder but no longer had the software for it, how would I go about getting that?
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I don't know why I never saw this review until just now. I've wondered for some time how those polaroid cameras are and it looks like this thread has been around for a while.

Anyway, I do have to comment a few things about the review. These are sticky points where not everyone will agree. As for the camera comming with software. I honestly couldn't care less. Actually, I take that back, I do care. I prefer a camera to not come with software. That is because generally cheap cameras come with a load of junk on the CD that fills up your computer with useless junk, sometimes even causing problems. I prefer a camera just be a camera. Especially since software costs money in royalties, it effects the total cost of the camera. I'd rather them shave of $5 or $10 of the cost and not include that junk.

As for the fact that your computer can't play them over the USB cable I don't think that is a CPU issue. You also said that the files were unusually large. I have this suspicion that the camera may be using MotionJPEG or using MPEG with all I-Frames (which is essentially the same thing) Which would explain both problems. If the bitrate is so high, the USB transfer may not be fast enough to play in realtime. If I could get ahold of a native video clip, I could tell you for sure. As it is, most of the links on your review are broken and no longer link to the .AVI files.

Otherwise, the camera sounds about like an Aiptek product in design and expectations.
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