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Default Praktica 5.1 HDMI mic mod ?


Recently I bought a cheap HD cam to use for shooting chemistry experiments (we are a bunch of chemistry students and we support an online channel for experiments). It is the Praktica 5.1 HDMI (DXG-5... look-a-like, but records only up to 720p *). Really neat gadget.

However I am not very happy with the internal mic, however. I also work as a freelance radio journalist also so I have quite nice external microphone I use with my voice recorder and I plan to add a mic-out jack to the camera and also to build a stand for I which would screw up to the tripod mount beneath.

So .. basically I want to ask if anyone is familiar with the insides of these cameras (DXG, Praktica, Vivikai, Ordro.. they all offer this kind of packed very similar on the outside as well as the inside, so someone should have dissassembled one).
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Gee .. I managed to dismantle it but the d**n thing is a f***** jigsaw. It was built by someone who really hates users messing with their products for sure. I even don't know how they manage to mass produce it at all.

Anyway - I was hoping that I could separate the wires for the mic from the hinge cable, but it is impossible. First - it goes to a place which is quite inaccesible if you don't dismantle the camera down to the last bolt. Second - it is not easy to locate which from the 30 wires are for the mics, since it is a maze from the mics to the two ports on the PCB inside the camera, the hinge cable goes to. Inside the LCD lid the mics are connected to a large PCB which is also connected to the LCD module and the tiny switch which figures out is the lid fliped over (to flip the picture upside-down). It is a multilayer PCD with the front and back almost entirely masked by huge unetched area (which probably is the GND). The mic tracks go to a pad, interconnecting the layers and after this it can't be followed to the two ports on the board from which the hinge cable starts.

It's sad - if I could locate the wires for the mic I found a splendid place to put the stereo jack - the small plastic cap next to the lens, containing the white LED video light. It is hollow actually and almost empty - the LED takes very little from its volume and it will look really neat. Now I plan to use the LCD lid for the mod - I can put a small, flat port with four pins on the side of the lid. When I plan to use the internal mics a small jumper will be inserted there. When I want to use external - it will be removed, cutting the GND to the internal mics and the external microphone will be connected to it.

Sorry for the long post, BTW
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