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Wirebot Sep 11, 2008 5:58 PM

Hello! I'm new to this forum, so I'mnot really sure if I'm posting this message correctly, but I hope someonecan help me. I have two problems.

I bought a Jazz HDV188 a few months ago (my first digital camera). I sometimeshave a lot of problems with it: Sometimes it doesn't want to turn on, sometimes it doesn't want to turn off, and sometimes the screen goes berserk and slowly fades to white. Sometimes I hate this camera, but, when it's not acting up, I love it.What could be causing these problems?A friend suggested that I should replace the battery, butI would appreciate any input I could receive from here before I purchase abattery replacement (possibly from ebay).

My second question is, how can I obtain a replacement battery door/cover for this camera? Because there seems to be no customer support from the company that makes it, I have no ideawhere I couldobtain one. Can anyone help? Does anyone know how I can obtain a battery cover/door for this camera? (Or would anyone have spare parts for this cam lying around?) From the first time I took it out of the package, I noticed that the battery cover didn't have a very good design because it slid off very easily, and Ithought that one day it would fall off and I wouldn't even know about it. Well, I lost the battery cover when I got caught in a violent storm. The battery cover slid off and got caught by the wind.I have no idea where it flew offto. :sad:Can anyone please help me regarding these questions? I sincerely appreciate it! ;)


fishycomics Sep 11, 2008 6:37 PM

Wirebot first Welcome Aboard........... also a maker of the Jazz, not sure if the 178 but sure the 188 and vica-verca the site is under construction, and Yes some how went Byebye.

1 . fading. i recommend ifall files are off and saved format sd card in PC first then format in camera. do not be afraid to even default he camera aswell , then reformat one more time in camera. What sd card are you using?

sometimes thesd card has a hidden file causing it to do just that. fade, if the camera continues then the battery is deffently thecause loose connection, due to missingdoor or not. so rather bend the pins a lil tape under the battery or main camera, feel the pins see if they go spring? also did the battery go in snug. (mine is snug)

as a last resort and never to late I return the unit, anddo not be afraid to tel ltehn exactly what happened theworse thing can happen is no. and I am sure without a blink of an eye you'll walk out with a new flaweless one.

as for the battery door it is easy to slide and withing time it wil stay do not like to place tape on but one must next time. hope I helped out. but that would be my last resort option ifI were you

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