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Default Pure digital: THE FLIP Sd camcorder

Welcome to the forums. Long overdue, the Flip a unique cam by itself. What a wonderful little camcorder. Funny how Small wonder, and the Flip are simular, and how they got their names.

video review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugnUP70c_m0

The Flip

By Pure digital, in Sd, and HD formats with online prices from 30.00-200 plus, used, and new. You'll be amazed at the quality from a SD camcorder. As I was given this cam, and taken a matter of 3 minutes to work the cam, not the software, i am amazed in the quality behind it.

The front view you are looking at the lens, battery cover, and mic . A good grip, a rubber feel all around.

Behind the front cover is the battery models serial number.

on the cover is a locking mechanism, excellent design.

On the sides you'll find the on/off spring button, and wrist strap. instead on a simple slide switch.

Here you have a locking spring that reveils the USB1.0 or2.0 port. a simple design that must handeled properly, By using a extention you'll extend the life of your pc/mac port when cam is hooked up by the weight. Tv playback is mono and shuts screen when hooked up.

Showing the hook up, how damage can occurre to the pc/macc, while it is needed to be set to the side with an extention plug.

At the bottom you have the locking tab, and metal tripod thread a simple design.

lastly the controls of the unit, they are so simple any basic beginner can operate. a play delet, record up/down/left/right button.

The Flip Standard def, has the very basics, no manual controls or any othercontrol to use just a simple point-n-shoot camcorder. if you're looking for all the extras you may need to step up to the more expensive flip models that may or may not offer additional features.

for the time I had this cam in hand and had a ton of fun, I have minimal complaints. worth its weight in gold. sound was clear, video in the same room as the GVS (cough)(cough) Will I invest in A HD model. for now I am waiting.................
Ther ar no pictures, but can always grab off thesoftware stills, and on that note I thank you for viewing.
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A Local Walmart had the 30 minute standard definition flip video on clearance for $49. I very nearly picked one up myself, given the very good video quality they have, but the lack of an SD memory card slot really puts a limit on its usefulness to me given the 30 minute maximum. I like to be able to take these devices anywhere and not have to worry about running out of space.

If you don't already have any kind of decent flash memory VGA video recording device (ie digital camera or camcorder) and don't plan on travelling with it, but just record short video clips of your kids, baby etc around the house or friends then this might be the device to get, especially as the older models may now be on clearance.
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