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I have to make a video for my spanish class. this is the only video making device my group could get ahold of and we have to figure out how to pause it because we have to start and stop recording at certain points during the video to change scenes, etc. We have been looking at the camera for like half and our and we can't figure it out. I tried downloading the user manual off the microtek website but it came to some error page when i clicked on the link for that too. thanks in advance.
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Welcome Chelley, the question is an excellent one.

1st Welcome aboard,

1, you have a camera a hybrid from Microtek and you want to record a video and like to pause it and then continue and repeat till the end?

All the Hybrids are very self explainitory, they serve the purpose of economy pricing?

Now As I own a few brands Mustek, Aiptek, Hanshing, DXG all these brands do not I REPEAT DO NOT pause during play. the only camera that will pause during play are true camcorders.

So your best solution is to film the shots, and after you have finished you will edit then place all your edited clips together. to make a film. those are the true basics behing hybrid cameras hope the answer was helpful.

the Only hybrid that is out on the market that can take a video, and a still at the same time are the sanyo (fisher) and a few other models they have a dely when doing so. 2.5 sec of missed video. thank you for an excellent question

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There is no pause during recording. Instead, you will have to shoot a series of video clips, upload the clips to a PC, and combine the clips into yourvideo using the video editing software that came with the camera. If you have a PC with Windows XP, you can also use Windows Movie Maker to create your video.

Here's the MV300 User Guide .
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