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Hi I own an mpvr and I love it. I have noticed something weird though. I take a picture indoors with flash and the flash is very bright and nice then I take another pic same room same light and the flash is very low and the pic looks grainy. I am wondering why this might be happening. When this happens I try to get closer to the subject but it still turns out low and grainy. Then I turn around same room same light snap another thing and boom bright nice flash. I'm confused any help would be very appreciated.
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time and time again you may or may not want to hear it?

1. are you sure te night mode is set to off?

2. does the green dsc/dv ring flicker? and how many times does it flickeer for charge?

3 are your fingers especially the Index finger away from the flash area?

4.what color background was the first one on? and the next one?

I am sure there may be some other questions of troubleshooting

are you using force flash or auto? and the batteries fully charged. and as well I believe you cannot snap until its charged?

take not that the night mode is off this will make the picgrainy as wellas a vid/aud synch hmm thats what AIptek said lol
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How bout you just post both pictures so we can analyse them and tell you why one looks brighter than the other. Be sure to resize them first.
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