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I know this may be a novice question, but I was wondering if when you are recording video directly off of the TV is it recording to the MPVR so that you can play it back directly and in real-time or does it take time to convert the information or do you have to use your software on the computer to convert the information before you can watch it on your camera? I'm confused!
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Just plug in the video cable to your tv's video out and hit record on mvpr, it will record it directly in realtime to the memory without any conversion
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credits to reiluke.

1 plug the mpvr up to the input.

2 record

3 hit playback.sit back and watch

its simple as that

any , any source can even capture a vid off the net

1 now if you like a clip you see on the tube, and want to edit out the commercial. or use as a clup. if you use Windows moviemaker. the file will be currupted and the software crashs.

then you need to conver to avi. and still crashs occure mia codecs.

2. if you record of the tube and you want to have more file space then you use the converer. that will change the 640x800 down to 320x240 something like that. and if its 300 meg the file will shrnk to 50 meg for example not the correct calculations

then you have hours of enjoyment.

there is a samsung vid recorder i see In Best buy has a built in fm, mp3 internal 512 memory. I would concider that and allow myself a good few hours of play in vid b/c its 10 hour batt time lol, but no camcorder ha hah ah

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