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Default RCA Small Wonder EZ1000-a quick review

Today I'll be doing a short review of the RCA Small Wonder EZ1000 pocket camcorder (a 2010 model).

Cost:under $60-paid $29 for it. (RCA's own online store says its currently out of stock)

It's only a VGA quality model and here's my impressions if it.

The good:
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries-easy to find in stores
  • Has a physical switch on one side to select from 2 quality choices: 640x480 or 448x336
  • Comes with RCA Memory Manager which is a rebadged Arcsoft MediaImpression software for PC and for Macs and is quite easy to use with simple viewing,editing and movie editing features . You can of course use different software for more advanced tasks.
  • Flip out 1.5" screen and one fairly easy to see in sunlight
  • Still photos are only 1.2MP but seems to have Average amount of noise and good color reproduction. Photos can be taken in low light as long as sufficient light is available-no flash rules out taking them in dark conditions.
  • Simple control layout
  • Not too bulky and quite light. Has a tripod socket.

The bad:
  • No flash or built in LED light rules out still and video capture where is a lot of darkness
  • Short USB cable supplied (you can resolve this though by using a longer mini-USB to USB cable)
  • Difficult to find info on sensor size and manufacturer, also no specs on what focal length the lens is
  • Video quality is average when used in very low light conditons (due to the lack of a flash/video light as listed before)
  • SD card type used is the smaller microSD and not the more popular SD type.


Video and photo quality is quite reasonable for a VGA pocket camcorder-even in situations with a fair amount of light such as late in the afternoon the quality seems quite good despite sometimes having some color cast (this is due to a lack of WB settings).

Some reviews on the web seem to find the video washed out and pixelated at times but I didn't notice any of that.

Without a light or flash you can't use it in very low light though.

Still image samples:
2 photos taken with the RCA Small Wonder EZ1000 in part shade/part sunlight):

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Video sample:
(to come)

I was quite happy with my Small Wonder-sure it's not a HD capable pocket cam but the videos and photos I took with seemed to be quite usuable on my Mac and can be easily be uploaded to YouTube.

I'd recommend buying one for anyone who mightn't need to record HD videos but would only be interested in recording VGA quality vids and 1.2MP photos for general or web usage.

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