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style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"http://www.vimeo.com/1137243
I thought I post here.

  • Priceless moments [/*]
  • external audio mic used [/*]
  • sure there are some more I can think of[/*]
I went out on the worst day imaginable, the weather sever thunderstorms, rain to the South east and more. That was exactly where I wanted to be, b/c that ment the most beauitful weather. See pic below

I had to have a backup plan as well, I did, and that ws going to The Crystal caves in Wesconsin, indoors, video footage, and pics will be at a low level lighting.

As I had this planned, and went along with what was at the surroundings, I deffently made sure that what I was filming with would work with me and not against me.

The Aiptek A-HD+ at [email protected] would be ideal for any footage captured, and the sound had to be used in a radius of 4-6 feet max for ideal settings, anything outside that radius was total failure,

The Jazz HDV-178 was my backup camera, and used as a audio sound capturing device, while it has a .WAV voice recorder. WOrked for the job I needed it for.

IN order to make the video and seperate voice to work, I made sure I recorded both and when both running I just said "TAKE ONE, SCENE ONE<TWO etc..".

It will be hard if you do not have a plan, and what is best t o use after you completed a perfect clip would be to LOCK the video, and voice, a simple feature we hardely use.

It is a feature use it b/c there are times we want to delte unwanted files and the valuable ones go with them.

When video with orginal audo always there, I have a perfect backup with sound only, why would you need sound if you got video, and sound together, b/c the rdius I am at should be picked up, and is not 20 feet and I swear no sound.

So now that all is recorded and need to head to the editing table "what is the best software we should use?"

any h264 you like we all have our choices, I am happy using magix movie editer 14 plus, I will look for other trials and test out if I like them.

as I load my video it is a matter of relaxing, and working on a few clips at a time. and always remember to save as you go along, there is never a perfect PC that will not crash , they will. software, program or system no matterwhat save. live and learn.

aligning up is very easy. if you're in the distance as close as possable, if you're close up then you'll enlarge the video frame and split asneeded.

when all is edited and looks great. sit back and watch the priceless moments.

I must thank our members here you know who you are people. THANK YOU

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