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video of HSn selling the JVC camcorder show 10 minsclick me

As I add my review all are very welcomed to comment, it is an open topic. I'll be adding video, as i go, and steps as i go thank you.

As I go along thesectiond will be updated so if you want to check the progress watch the date and time.
================================================== =======

Jvc gr-d395U 32x optical zoom 800 x digital zoom, night alive, wide (16:9) mode, auto button, power linked operation, multi language on-screen, sd/mmc card slot (stills only), clear lcd monitor, up to 3 hr. data battery included, auto illumi-light, Live slow, remote control, digital still function ( software included).

These are the main features included in the Jvc product.

We'll talk about description,homepage information, over view of body style, steps in video, stills, , dvd/vcr playback , and many other features .

Price range 200-400.00 Low end to top end models of the Jvc gr-d series.

================================================== ==========

Description in detail of the Jvc gr-d395U.


1/6-inch 680k pixel CCD (Number of effective pixels: 340k pixels for moving pictures, 340k pixels for stills)

520 Lines of Resolution

Powerful Optical Zoom (32x)

32x Optical Zoom/800x Digital Zoom

16:9 Video Mode (High Quality)

2.5" LCD

Clear LCD Monitor

HG Digital Stills (640x480-pixel)

Color Viewfinder

Live Slow for Slow Motion Effect with Real Time Sound

High Power Data Battery

Remote Control included

Auto Illumi. Light

AUTO Button

Power-Linked Operation

Multi-Language On-Screen (7-language)

DV In/Out


================================================== ==========

section 2 Personal review

Chapter One research, decide and choose.
Research is the key. in your decision making you wil have your lowest price, and what you can afford, to just out of your range, what you would really want but know its's imposable to have. Pick 3 model types out, and sick to those 3 only. If you start looking for to many models ,you'll be dissappointed and make a wrong decision.

In my research , I look online find the best price around, the best information around, and try to find forums around. I ask members, friends, and sales rep's, email or by phone, even write a letter. keep notes, and you'll master your research.

Decide what you want? In my decision. i narrowed down to three major companies Jvc, Cannon, and Sony. In these three Companies they'll have a low end model, a mid rang model, and a high end Model.

I decided i wanted a mini dvc tape unit, and needed battery life, optical zoom, and night mode. I am sure there are more features that i can go for, but then i am going to be out of a price range .

battery life on any camcorder is an option, unless offered in certain models. Optical zoom varies the more features the less zoom offered. night mode cancels out led, or white light, but may allow optional attachments, leading to more money.

My Choice: I chosen the Jvc gr-d395U had everything i looked for and a perfect starters camcorder with the sophistications of a manual camcorder , if chosen to go off " AUTO ". There were comments of good/bad on all models brands, had taken my research , and came out a winner.

In the next section we'll look into detail of the camcorder

================================================== ==========
details of the camcorder....
Picture 1 (see below).We look at the camera that will be facing the subject, and the side with all its features, in the closed position it looks tall in the pic but if compare to the Other hybrids, it is smaller in height of the MPVr, but taller in height of the Mustek older style. It is oger then the mpvr, and the mustek, but not by far, and just a tab wider, it is heavier then the mpvr and as well as the Mustek.

Pic 2. see above. the Control panel. speaker, memory/vid switch, navigations 16:9 mode/blank, menu light/index usb( still only) firewire ( vid/aud) sd card slot, auto mode above on external part of camcorder 2.5 tft tilt screen. reverse the screen lock in place and use the remote for playback of video, locking tabs for screen. In Auto mode 16:9 light memory/vid and auto will function. In manual, all features and functions will work on tabs and buttons.

Pic 3 see below. rear view of the camcorder, you'll see this camcorder has a slide in and down position for ts battery, and the Av in/out one plug port. the lcd view finder pulls out and turns on the camcorder but does not tilt in position. 6 pin configuration on the battery of the camcorder and 4 on the battery. Software in the backgorund containing firmware and navigation editing.

Pic 4 see above. shows remote and screen flipped back in a locked position, the remote has a number of features that can edit on the camcorder to zoomiong in/out recording start/stop and more. the auto mode is displayed for easy access. in this state you can review your vid, andwork on it with ease no worries about the camcorder tilting over.

Pic 5. side view, here you se the rec/off/play button, it locks in the off/rec/play, pause and record button,and has a very small soft led red lite. tells you while on, and battery charge (flashs on/off for charging) the gray soft look cover is the tape cassette holder.

Pic 6. seeabove front view left/right stereo mic area very big in size, lens and cap infrared and white led with remote sensor in one location strap for hand and shoulder in one location while lens cap is placed on the hand strap and secure not to fall off.(clipped). the lens has interior screw for addtional lens attachments form wide angle to telephoto, and fish eye from 2x and up

Pic 6see below bottom view bottom cassette loading, no need for battery removal triod has a scre and second stud for a solid fit. serial and easy access to door.

Pic 7 see above, top view you have your slow motion live/snapshot (still), and tele wide zoom control very simple positions

Pic 8 see below. camera in an on state with lcd on and camera light on very white with the light and aclear screen in daylight as well as night time easy to see and operate.

Pic 9 see above the camcorder side by side to a hybrid model, it stands tall and slim,has its own unique look or design.

Overview and conclusion.

section 2 we lookedat the details of the camcorder and how it was out of the box, in all9 photos covering all angles, the camcorder has the basic controls on the outside with the sophistication ofa professional camera when needed. the features are easy to operate and get used to In Auto mode no thinking involved, but in manual mode it wil keep you occupied all day. I am very pleased with how the camera looks in detail.

What I do not like about the software of the camera., and usb port cable software lacks video editing and only allows you to organize, even though the camera has an internal editing features you wwill need to upload into your pc and that takes real time uploading 60 minutes of tape is 60 minutes of upload (sd is a few minutes for 60 minutes) Usb por does not allow video load only still and an option to Purchase a Ilink cable which can run 30 plus dollars, Ebay Purchase of 8.00 makes up for this. all in all it works for me and again very pleased.

================================================== ==========
Section 3 Operating of the camcorder.

here we'llget into detail of all the features the camcorder has. show you each individual control in action, in video, in a still shot if possable.Let the fun begin.

As the most important thing in operating any device, is toread the manual, and learn from it.

I have readthe manual, and must re-reading it to better myself each time. I charge the battery for the 1st time takes 5 hours (3 hour run time) other baterries are 90 minutes and5 plus hr run time.

Turning on the camera 30 seconds to get started maximum, each and everytime. in the on position of the rec you can turn on by lcd or viewfinder, and close either one camera wil return on or shut off, automatic turn off 5 minutes if nothing pressed. must set dateonetime only.

videos are avi format, at 1.5mbps (any suggestions please comment) win media 9
1. Night time shot indoors.total darkness

night time video Click me 30 sec video http://media.putfile.com/jvc-nightmode
This is a video, the 1st part is no settings you will see total darkness, 2nd part is of a led white light you'll see a object, and zoomed in on nicely (not full zoom), last one is night alive (no tripod) you'll see an object andzoomed in on and its not smooth in motion.

video light will work just fine in a certain distance the further you are away the lower the light, night alive will work fine the sturdier you are the bettre the object films, no settings must have light on the stuff you film it will pick up any type of light if there is light.

2. Nightshots outdoors, total darkness.

night time video click me 1 min 20 secshttp://media.putfile.com/-jvcnight-time-zoom

This is a video, the 1st part is of the courthouse, has lights on outside as well as the inside, regular mode , then nightmode (subtitled in vid). after the courthouse you'll take not of the Budwiser sign I am zooming in on, at 32x optical zoom. and then using night mode same scenerio. regular nad night alive on the first part, the Courthouse works fine, second part not the best while zooming, night alive expands or enlarges light objects.

This is a3 minute movie of night time, has excellentscenes,in a moving vehicle (do not turn camcordr to the side) nonight alive all natural lighting.


look for these future videos coming soon will add in time.

3. on subjects at night coming soon.

4. Daytime shots here is a daytime shot, in a few different scenes,

A. moving vehicle http://media.putfile.com/Movie_0012-87

B. moving vehicle zooming at around 4x http://media.putfile.com/moving-veh-4x-69
C. land scene with zoom at 32x zoom. at the end last 5 secs you'll notice a person by the second tiller (right side) http://media.putfile.com/land-and-sea-C

here is a 3 minute video of the day time shots 3 minutes plus has zoom in/out and good stuff in it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjwwwc2c_LQ

5. live slow slow motion with live sound

here we see the car in motion at 40 mph then zoomed in the car is now slow motioned, andafter I zoom out its back to normal, live subject or other vid coming soon


5. wb (white balance) sunny cloudy tugstan floureent.

6 ep -+0--+6 settings

7 shutter speed

8. backlight compensation

9 spot exposure control

10 special effects

and more

Overview and conclusion. As i base my video recording on not just one but as i go along this comment area wil change from time to time.

I enjoy the optical zoom in the Video 100%, but not happy when I am free hand on the zoom in full. need a tripod. anything under 8x is best. Night alive is excellent if and when you need to apply it. a mini dvc cassette will have its glitchs and will have to be replaced from time to time. Auto mode no guessing, for night alive no need to use it unless its important look for changes as i add the vids
night alive can be tricky and blurr due to 30x shutter speed not 32x optical
================================================== ==========
Still mode ( sd card)

1 picture is about 4-12x optical zoom

sample vid put together just filming.


================================================== ==========

================================================== ==========

================================================== ==========

================================================== ==========

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1 32 optical zoom clear as a bell.

2 auto mode no need to guess

3 battery life is no trouble at all

4 compact and excellent hand control, grip, feal
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1 lens cap gave way within hours, defect( things happen)

contacted Jvc numerous times andFinally ptoblem will be resolved

2 night alive will blurr,

3 any side motion will blur 2 and 3 are common if you do not use a tripod or follow instructions

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lens cap fel of from day one

ordered from support center after pulling teeth of 6 weeks Finally recieve 2 the same day both fll off thesame way onea lil firmer. seems Jvc's cap is dfective the threaded area will live with it...........
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