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dmoto20 Oct 31, 2007 9:28 PM

I'm looking to buy one of these within the next 24 hours. Is the Sanyo HD700 worth the extra money?

My concerns are:

image and video quality: both do 720P. i believe the sanyo can do stills while recording video, whereas the aiptek cannot. the sanyo has 5x optical zoom and image stabilizer, whereas the aiptek only has 3x optical zoom and no stabilizer. both have issues with low lighting conditions. is there any thing else i should be concerned about?

audio quality: both cannot add an external mic. the sanyo has stereo sound, whereas the aiptek is mono. is this correct?

durability: I don't want anything that is too flimsy or will break from normal use within a year. Is the Aiptek durable enough? what about the sanyo?

battery life: aiptek supplying 2 batteries is a bad sign already. how's the HD700's battery life?


fishycomics Nov 1, 2007 3:36 AM

look at what you get with the aiptek

1 extra battery 12-20.00

1 remote control if ever the nav button breaksits perfect to have 12-15.00
1 carrying case 10.00

1 ac adaptor 15-20.00
Now look at what youget with the Aiptek for FREE and you'll bever ever so happy to make a better decision

Aiptek NO MANUAL controls at all WB EV light forlcd screen are just the normal function or features,
AUto Focus is not perfect, within a 15-20" radius the aiptek then starts to wonder.

"Bit rate may be lower.

Owning a A-HD, and yes a GO-Hd both are defects in a moving car will cause audio "interference in video on the cameras

"Audio will be louder and distirted

"now if you ask me what about the Price is the GO better worth the money over the Sanyo. the A-HD is it dropped drastically around 60.00 within a 2-3 month release date

"while the go is at the average stand still of 229.00 from 249.99 0.00 drop LMAO 3-5 month reease you

"You may get a lot of extras but the A-HD is the better choice if you want to toss a C- note away then you wil not feal bad the Sanyo would be the BEST CHOICE with no HEADACHES.

"but review research and

"Ask in the sanyo section I do not mind it is still a excellent topic for here

Caelum Nov 1, 2007 7:04 AM

Iwrote somewhere else, it's like HDTVs: you can buy an inexpensive budget one, a mid-priced one, or an expensive one. Will they all have the same quality and features? No. The budget ones will suffice formany people, but others mightnot be satisfied with theshortcomingsin themovie quality or lack of controls. Like fishycomics writes, the Aipteks can be had for so little now, it's certainly an affordable HD camera; the Sanyo, while considered affordable in the HD camera world, is much more expensive relative to the Aiptek. Personally, my issues with the Aipteksinclude their quality control issues, lack of manual control and the quality of the results as I see them; to sum it up, to me itproduces moreof a "webcam" type result, still frames from it's HD video look great, but thevideo itself doesn't convince my eyes due to the wavering image (no video buffer) and lack of fluid motion (and no exposure control).

You're paying more for the HD700 for things like, (press release quote): "nine groups and twelve total lenses (3 aspheric elements, 5 aspheric surfaces)" (all glass, not plastic) that provide a full range of control and includesfast auto-focus and zoom control and a very fast processor.

The HD700's build quality is very solid, but there are a few plastic parts that are not impressive (see "niggling issues" in my mini-review in the Sanyo forum section). The HD700's battery life is 120 minutes continuous movie shooting (it lasted me a full day of on/off shooting,photo taking and reviewing while using stanby mode in between).

fishycomics Nov 1, 2007 1:04 PM

I have some vintage or classic footage of this mourning break. got to ride in a 1967 Duster. it was a tank. compared to my tin box. now you want to talk Horse power 440plus to 160 plus I think you get the picture..........

so let me place avid

If you cannot hear the Power, the mufflers kicking then something is wrong with your ears. yes. AIptek get your act together.

PC Hybrid camcorder, just that. cal hit it on the head


cannot afford save your money do not let a company make a profet on you. get known facts directly from them see what they say. I am never pushing just always being honest and upfront. for that we are punished with no fixs.

dmoto20 Nov 1, 2007 6:04 PM

thanks guys for your opinions. i've pretty much ruled out the aiptek, but i'm not completely sold on the sanyo (not due to quality, but because if i invest a little more I can get the 1080i). i'll have to do more research and think some more.

thanks again!

fishycomics Nov 1, 2007 8:27 PM

you're welcomed. I find thatowning a few models and diffrent cameras I can say what I like and dislike ofsound

my casio lowers higher loud noises but picks up a whisper

my Jvc allows a wider range of sound picks the farthest sounds up as well.

but my A-Hd wel I rahter get that sleeping machine for my ocean and rain LMO

the MPVR or the IS-DV a different story LOL has better sound but you cannot complain for a low priced model.

you may need to look further into other models maybe a digital camera would be best the Canon sd1000 kid had looks awesome

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