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jivecee Nov 28, 2006 10:43 AM

Hello Steve's Forums !

First of all i would like to mention this is a great forum with so much information its overwhelming at times. keep up the great work guys !

Let me get strait to the point here, now im after a digital hybrid camera for video blogging on youtube, and for download via itunes which will be at mp4 format.The camera will be usedfor interviews outdoor and also indoors, sogood performance for both locations is a must ! im not reallyworried about photos, video is the main priorty here.

How do these camera hold up in regards to filming with a greenscreen background ? I would like to place my own background and little tid bits with Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premier 2.0,also to mention that there will be a budget3 point lighting setup on the set.

Basicly to sum it up im after a great allround camera with a decent amount of battery life, with options that would fit my needs for video on the web and ipods. also not to forget a good quality mic or even one that allows to plugin a external mic, something that will let me get away with a professional look on a budget. I am willing to spend up to $200.00 USD.

There are so many cameras to choose from with same features that it can be scary at times because i dont want to make the wrong choice, thank god for steve's forums !There must be someone out there that can help me out ?

fishycomics Nov 28, 2006 10:55 AM


welcome aboard.

1 Aiptek, has issues till they clear their vid/aud synch and sharpness , stand clear. they are a local Purchase that is the good side of them.

the MPVR+ was at 100. and the PVR at 90.00 now back to 150. while the Zoom-dv would be the better one due to optical zoom

the MPVR+ just an octive lighter in the low light.

2. creative labs , digilife andsanyo may be the place to look.

battery life 1 and 1/2 hour. unless a power supply is hooked up

power and microphone hard to come by

3. the dxg 302v model or microtek are a great choice they may have what you ant.

4. a truecamcorder could have been Purchased under 150. and still can I would go that route save afew $$$ and get a camcorder

jivecee Nov 29, 2006 1:15 AM

Thanks for you friendly welcome Fishycomics, i was hoping that you would respond to my post because you seem like you know what you are talking about when it comes to digital hybrid are a legend !

From reading the pervious post on this forums i understand to steer clear from the Aiptek range, these cameras look like they have some great features but the synch problem would drive me nuts! So i guess thats out of the question.

Today i have been pretty music researching the cameras that you advise and once again i am lost in the great sea of technology, the Creativelabs range looks great and have some aweasome features but i was trying to distinguish the diffrence between the Divi CAM 525D and the Divi CAM 516 ? One has CDD which is the 525D and the other is just a plain 5.1 megapixel sensor, will this make a big diffrence ? oh and before i forget how does the 4xAAA batterys hold up for the Creativelab models ? Does any one have video samples from the Creativelabs range? Post them up soi can have a look.

I want to steer clear from the Digilfe range becuase one of my friends has one of there cameras and all he has had is trouble, dont get my wrong the cameras are great but when it comes to servicing or repairing, i dont want to takethe risk, all you have to do is listen to my friends complain for a day and you will understand where i am coming from.

Now this leaves me with the Sanyo & Microtek cameras. This was the most exciting of all because just the other day i was on ebay and noticed the Microtek Mv500 for a great price here in Australia. The Microtek Mv500 is 12 megapixels which is amzing but dont know how it holds up with the video? Has any one here had any exprience with this camera?Im really intrested with this model and has some great features, not to forget the hand strap ! Does any one have a video samples from this unit ?

Fianlly the Sanyo cameras are freaking aweasome, just the other day i watched a video some one posted on this forumabout the C40 and i was amazed at how great the quality was, it looked like something from a HD camcorder. there are other cameras in the range as well like the VPC-C5 and the C6...which one would you say is best suited to my needs ? they all look great !

Any advice that you guys could provide would be great, please help me make the right choice, Fishycomics im looking in your direction !

fishycomics Nov 29, 2006 7:02 AM

Below is the topic of z20guy pm him and he may respond. he Purchased 2 one for him and one for his daughter. one his friend owns and placed his clip up here. it'll also now be in the vid sample uploadcenter

ccd or cmos a decision one needs to make, one has advantages over the other



rgvcam Nov 29, 2006 4:14 PM

I am one of those on the forum who has the Sanyo C40 and posted samples. This can now be purchased at Radioshack for $199 so would be in your budget. I am very happy with it. As long as you don't expect it to match a MiniDV, it is a great little video camera. I use it a lot with my 16 month old son and it's far better than a miniDV for that, simply because you just can't use a miniDV as spontaneously. Sure the mp4 is hard to edit, but you can convert it at least to an editable format and I don't tend to do much editing anyway. If I edited all the clips I took, I'd have no life left at all :-)

I also have the PVR. If it wasn't for the video distortion in certain scenes and the sound synch (which only happens occasionally not all the time), I would have recommended it since the video on these cameras is not that far from the Sanyo range in quality. In fact it's sad, since if Aiptek could fix these (relatively easy to fix) problems, then they would be awesome cameras for the price. Of course they don't do well in low light, but generally that doesn't concern me, considering how cheap they are.

jivecee Nov 29, 2006 10:04 PM

Just the information i was looking for thanks Rvgcam, i was leaning more toward the Sanyo or Creativelabs Cameras because they are known brands and if anything was to happen, it wouldnt be a problem to get it repaired.

I will be editing pretty much all the video that i produce so thats great to know, that mp4 is hard to edit because i am still learning how to edit and the right formats and what not.

Looks like the Sanyo C40 has the leading edge here, but something else has just come up, now i have seen you guys mention MiniDv a few time. I was wondering would it be better to get a MiniDv Camera instead ? spontaneous filming factor of the C40 sounds great but my main issue is quality and getting away with a professional look on a budget. Is there a big Diffrence between a MiniDv and a C40 ? you mention that you can compare them. How many fps does MiniDv work with ?

Keep the information coming guys !

rgvcam Nov 29, 2006 10:48 PM

If you want good quality video thats very easy to edit, then a MiniDV would be ideal for you. You can get them new for under $300 now. In fact has a web special for the Canon ZR500 for just $199 which is also in your budget too. Canon are highly rated although I keep reading that they do seem to suffer from tape transport noise being picked up on the tape. How bothersome it would be, is something you would need to decide yourself.

The DV format that MiniDV uses is around 25Mbps as against 2-3Mbps for a typical MPEG4 camera like the Sanyo Xacti series. As you can see it's much less compressed which not only makes for great quality but its much easier to edit. On the other hand, it just goes to show how amazing the MPEG4 cameras are when you consider the quality they output at 1/10th the bitrate. Of course that's simplifying things as bitrate doesn't tell the full story. MPEG4 is a more efficient compression although at that rate it still won't match miniDV quality.

fishycomics Nov 30, 2006 7:17 AM

mini dv or DVC (dig vid cassette) films avi format, and can be transfered to windows moviemaker . It is a real time transfer meaning 10 minutes of filming is 10 minutes of transfer time. 10-50 meg

Sanyo is .mov or quicktime. and you'll need to useproper software,and or programming , a mac is better for this unit. or awindws and convert. tapeless unit will take a quicker time to transfer forexample. 10 minutes 10 secs to transfer at 10-15 meg.

A pro camcorder you're better off getting a true ccd lens, a true sterio unit, wind noise reduction, auto, manual, night mode lnight light and much more. battery life is an option from 90 minutes to 9 hours,

While the sanyo only one battery of 1 hour record time stated on thespecs.

It isa decision, if you look at the review section I own the jvc camcorder grd-395U

I have little issues like cleaning the dvc cassette itflashs, I ignore it due to the a clock or time in the camcorder saying it is time to clean whle I had not used it that long.

the lens cap not sticking on, and the supportteam not of great help.

I am super happy with my camcorder it fits in my pocket if needed, it is 32x optical zoom,, and never failed me so far.

sanyo/fisher is great

a hybrid camcorder is great

a pro camcorder is great video

also a digital camera is great to have as well.

jivecee Dec 3, 2006 6:09 AM

Wow some great information guys, it has really helped with my choice.

It looks like, well i would say 100% now that i will buy a miniDV camcorder, most possibly the samsung ZR range, these cameras also have a external mic input which is great !

Thanks for all your help guys, once again this has been really helpful.

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