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fishycomics Nov 30, 2005 7:14 PM


mustek dv3000 300.00 at the time I purchased.

mustek dv3500 130 time of purchase

mustek dv4500 125 time of purchase

aiptek 5300 130 time of purchse

aiptek mpvr 97 time of purchase

and hanxhing 130 sold exchanged out

Yes place all these cameras ibought and i could have had one of these by now in the range of the price it is selling

iI trust Sony even though it is over rated.

10x optical and a still camera duel memory card etc.

I believe

Panasonic came out with their model and the lens is so simular to the sony but the reviews of that camera ( cannot remember the name) d100 sdr something like that

stated it is a excellent camera but not a low lux situation can do better not from panasonic but the magazines point

I will post in another forum to find out if anyone has this it sure looks awesome, but my holiday blues will fade. and I'll get over it.

sgspirit Nov 30, 2005 11:09 PM

If you don't mind it being out of stock, for $600usd you can get it here:

fishycomics Dec 1, 2005 3:36 AM

it was a though but I never know what I want lol

fishycomics Dec 7, 2005 3:26 PM

alrigh I have been in Bestbuy, its an electroni store it has everything you need almost. I headed for the battery as in the other thread, i stopped by the camcorders , and cameras. What blew my mind away was the camcorders they has. i wanted to take my Aiptek out and compair sizes, but the 200 open box up tp the 800.00 models of most brands. the sizes wer awesome. when the Holidays are over the sales will still be there , I will deffently look into a mini dvdr sony or other brand I may not want a tap if it is dv I rather have a sd card but my tv is a sony and I can utilize the set and pc ports.

I love the feel nd hope to find one that will suit my needsand i have none. it is just good to hae one, but I will not be taking it with me like i do my mpvr or 4500 model they are hybrids for the spur or do not worry bout damaging moments? I guess I got he holiday bug biting me Lol

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