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RobMtl007 wrote:


Thanks everyone for the links.

I just finished building my own SteadiCam.

Just spent $14.00 Canadian, hey that is oil money.

I have to find a better table top tripod seems the one I have the ball head

is very rigid, so my Action HD doesn't seem to balance well.

Again thanks everyone for the links, very helpful.

Regards Robert

Hello Again Robert,

I just had a long discussion with _gl ( the inventer of the Skibilizer, Canon's HV20/30 Forum) to explain why the gimbal I used is different from the one he, northernlanes and Fishy has used. You may find this article interesting as I amke my case about the gimbal.

Here is the link. Post #290


All who are interested can see it as well. If you still aren't convinced then make one like thiers and you will soon realize the gimbal's limitation...but it works! Rough ball and socket joint your stuck with. If I could manufacture these, I would but it would cost about half the price of the Hague MMC.

These other designs except for the Nautilus and fishy's are made from metal and not aluminum. Different weight characteristics all together. Something that looks like a stabilizer, you cannot see the weight distribution so looks are decieving.Simply put have a camera, connect counter weight on an opposite end and create freedom of movement at it's fulcrim or exact center of gravity (via gimbal ) and you have a steadycam.

Please read #290 post as it may explain somethings and answer some questions some of you may have. At the end of the day...once you learn from my mistakes, you will kick yourself having not thaught of it yourself...it is that easy.

Thanks Fishy by the way for your great videos and forming the body.

Thanks all and thanks to your Robert.

Good Luck!

Ace 808

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