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A big shoutout to everyone here for the careful reviews and opinions about the new hybrids.

My situation is unique, but maybe not. I'm a training developer and we have an AVID editing suite for our projects. But the whole company thinks we have nothing to do but record everything they do. So after careful consideration, I've put together a small kit with an AIPTEK MPVR for these little projects. The thinking is that people can record their meetings, already compressed to mpeg4, drag the file via USB to their computers and voila - they got video. This will be a huge relief to our department.

I decided on the aiptek mostly because it met my all my criteria, save for having an external microphone jack, and because it had a good distribution network (from Target to their own online store).

I feel confident that this format is going to explode and that cameras with better features are not far off. As a video professional there's a sense of folly in recording to a compressed format, but the practical side of me knows that these cams will meet a lot of needs.

And thanks to everyone here at Steve's Forums!!

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In my devision it is not allowed to record video footage, or snap pictures. may give away traite secrets, and important information. What is so secret that I do.:G

nah I won't tell. yet.

But let me tell you , I could save a ton of time stairing and compairing. but I get paid no matter what lol

its great that you found us and have shared some important info, I hope you'll use it for bussiness, public, and personal use. congrads and a BIG WELCOME
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Hi jameschrislloyd,

Thanks for the interesting information about your use of the hybrids. I've always thought they had huge and totally overlooked potential as tools for business and education.

Hope you keep us posted.
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