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An interesting note for those of us who own treo smartphones:

The camera adjusts for lighting and focusing based on 2 parts, what you're looking at and what's around you. If you are surrounded by darkness, but your subject is brightly lit, it will wash out your subject and you won't be able to get and definition on the lines, and needless to say the color will mostly be white. With the same light on the subject but moderate light around (not directed towards) you and the camera, the pics can come out great in 1x and still decent in 2x. If there is too much light surrounding you and the camera, or being directed at the camera, the image's colors may be alright but very blurred, with lots of noise and distortion. This last scenario is actually the easiest to correct, you can use your hand or an object off to the side to block or diffuse light that would be directed at you but not be part of the shot. This pic is an example, there's a wooden beam onstage that I moved to the side of to get this shot.

1 Well the treo 650 doesn't have a great camera by anyone's definition(640x480), it can still yield some good pics!

I'll keep this thread updated as I get more...

2My dear, departed friend Slinky

3,4 Last summer was definately the summer of the praying mantis!

5 Pics from a show, Perpetual Groove was playing. This is the opening band, Intense City and that's my buddy Marcus in the foreground

6Intense City,7Intense City again... they're pretty darn good, they're from harrisonburg VA so if you're in that area check them out

8 This is Perpetual Groove

9This is DJ Williams, he came out to play a song with perpetual groove. If you live or travel to/around richmond, VA, you gotta hear him play!

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Hello wizbummer,

While I appreciate your enthusiasm for the Treo, it is not considered a hybrid, which are the subject of this portion of the site.

There is a section specifically for posting photos.
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propper size for multiple postiings, 1 or 2 is fine but a whole set should be as follows; see fig below

in the above topic I editied to a correct size for multiple pics. sorry Wizz. but this is not concidered a hybrid yet.


Moderator sg, and i agree, Please utilize the site I provided to you, it is a free web base site, Please post your phoos in there, and use the edit feature provided to the site Please.

the thread will be up for 48 hours, and may be suited for deletion. the rules and guidelines are within reason, the pictures are within reason .

a cellphone may be within reason as well,

1 a hybrid consist of a vid, still, voice,mp3, mass storage, webcam and otional pmp player

cellphones do fit the criteria, but have not yet fit in here..

I understand being helpful to all the members and you ment no harm. just Please be careful in thefuture. not a warning just trying to help out.

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