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Got a Digilife DDV-7000 and wanted to buy MMC memory, is it ok if il get 1 GB MMC?.

And another thing, the DDV-7000 or DDV-720 is also used as a memory storage but i want to store my movies (MPEG4) from my computer but how can i view those save data to my digicam..

MP3 is ok...

voice recording is to but at max volume but still you cannot hear the record voice, you need to shout or put the digicam to 1 inch apart from the source of sound to record.

but i need to explore more my digicam to give more updates (pros & cons) :|

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Welcome to the forum, ruggy!

There's always some risk that a given memory card won't work properly in a given camera. I don't know if it's based on fact, but it seems to me you're less likely to have problems with a secure digital (SD) card than an MMC.

Not sure about your movie storage question. There should be no problem moving video clips between your camera and computer, and they should replay fine on the camera. It gets tricky when you process a bunch of clips into a movie and try to replay that on the camera.

For moving data, you just treat the camera like another hard drive.

Yes, the 720/7000 had a weak microphone. Nothing that can be done about it. At least it doesn't suffer from wind noise:-)
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got a new updates from other web sites i visited..

for DDV-7000(label of box) - with MAXIMIUM 512 MB SD memory card, we can upgrade to 1 GB SD not MMC.. we can also change 512 MB SD to 512 MB MMC card but it should not be with the speed like 32x, 16x, 52X etc.. also the card should not be RS (reduced size) MMC.. coz im using 512MB MMC card and its ok..

for DDV-720 (labele of box) - with MAXIMUM 1 GB MB SD meory card , we can upgrade to 2 GB SD not MMC.. in using 1 GB MMC card, i still checking other web sites if this is ok...

give you an update if got something...
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