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well in the pro cess of a video no harm in exprressing my feelings

I also started a forum post and requesting a 3 video upload.

I also emailed for possable free account of plus to continue thefun. rather ask for a partition

lets seewhat one can do to help out

anyone is welcomed to join in or pass thanks

all videos loaded today and on are now standard def, andcan be only viewed hi def by going to the DL
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fishycomics wrote:

Good news and bad new, thesite we all love with unlimited space of 500 meg per week, has now become a site that will charge 60.00 per year breakingdown to 5.00 plus a month , less then a quater a day.

Video Quality:

500 meg of Standard video Hi def 1 UPLOAD PER WEEK no longer hi def of500 meg

read thesite for the info.

It may be time again to look for a newer Hi def site if we needed.

great move for Vimeo and as we the people got them going imagine if they all move on.
You could take tests and string together 5 seconds each (ten seconds fro movement test due to encoding) into one file that is not re-encoded, that would make it quick to download too. I have a standard model, and spending hours downloading test is not fun, some take 9 hours, and maybe have to be repeated many times over days due to vimeo (and others) not allowing you to restart when there is an error in the transfer.

All we need to do is work out what types of footage for standard tests.
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sr71 wrote:
I suggest using an online hard-disk service, like http://www.humyo.com/ (free, 30GB, good speed) or http://www.diinoweb.com/ (free, 2GB, very good speed).
There shouldn't be any maximum file size limit in both, as far as I tried.
I hope that, even without Vimeo, I'll be able too see Fishy's dog doing reviews and tests
I favour file services. Embedded video quality s insufficient to review cameras, and subject to download problems, requiring you to login to get the original and then you have ton download in one session, and I am in the country with 56k modem a single line.
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