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Bestbuy circuitcity (blue) andtarget (black) average price 130.00 USC Purchase Use. return to any state of the USA, of that store. if you change your mind?

Easy to find the stores they are all over.

recommend a Portable storage pocket wallet they are like 30-40 gig storage 100 average.

Imagine if you ran out of storage, you can go to any RiteAid orphoto place and release to a dvd Cd, andcontinue filming.

sdcards run 10.00 per gig average ones. no need fo rSDHC SDHC will be taking over sd standard. just a way to forvce one to buy upgraded or updated stuff.

where to Film. lets see meet me at JFK, and I'll tour you to laguradia from One- airport-to-another andsee you on your way :G

So many places to go.

Niagra falls canada/New york water falls. that isnot a day trip

Bear mountain (West point) Circle Line on the water trip see NY hudsen river Country a day trip .

Measuems, natural history. Arts central park, empire state bldg.

the list can go on and on .

Yo'll be Happy wit hthe A-Hd, but no Zoom. 1 hr 30 min batt life that is Perfect, a spare battery a must Ebay Np-60 and acharger 3 hours per charge I get a third for back up. but hmmmm Plan ahead is the best advice . plan ahead forfilming learn the camcorder . well I say get a crop and practice a hold go to a site print the pic out, you'll thank me
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For hand-held shooting with my DVX I use one of these:


They really help stabilize the shots, and I'm sure with such a small camera as the AHD it would make a world of difference.
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I agree you probably get what you pay for as far as camera stabilizers. What I like about the tripod idea compared to some of the other do-it-yourself stabilizers is that it's dual-purpose. For me it means I'm more likely to have it with me when it may be useful.
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the cam will do its job fine the stabilizer would be digital and Aiptek left it out on both HD models, SOftwaretoday fixs it.

now placing that one would not be a bad idea, to big for the cam it is best to follow simple guidelines when filming arms not out tucked to the body , elbows in, slow movements. practice filming. aphot shoterwill fail when filmingvideo, it'sa new world to them no matter whattype of level vid cam you give.
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EnergyUK wrote:
In early 2005 I went to Ethiopia and took a DV-2 (although it was a different brand it was the same as the aiptek just in a different casing). The main use was as a webcam, but slowly I kept taking more and more footage out and about and I put the device through its paces. The resulted edited video was mastered on to VCD and sent back to my family in the UK. (here's the first video I did, it gives an idea of the camera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwnNTATR85E ).If I remember right the stills were not taken from the same camera. I got the camera for close to $70 years and a bit before I left and it still works to this day, but as you can see the image is poor, and the audio is worse. However it was perfect for what I wanted to do, and it did me proud.

Nice audio! "Its a Fine Day" is a great track - for a few years, I was a part-time radio DJ - used to play it a lot when it first came out.

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Thanks - the track is actually Orbital - Halacyon. Though it does get many other names. It is an amazing track. I've been working on a proper ethiopian video that was done with a nice miniDV cam. I've used the track Leaving Hope, by Nine Inch Nails. Really need to get rights for the music tho :/ always a challenge.

Oh as for the camera, I'm now tempted to go one step up and get the go hd. It's either that or an ipod touch! lol.
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