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ok, so while surfng the web again found prices in Euros in italy of the 8800 for 180 euro which comes with tripod and IS for SURE a webcam also. SO i guess we have several differences between the 8800 and the MPVR. As we know, the MPVR now availble in best buy for 89 USD. Looks like buying this and then, from the AIPTEK usa website buying the 2gig card, remote, and tripod would get me ALOT of goodies for under 200 usd!!

But, after reading more of the posts about the MPVR having sync. problems and not working as webcam I just cannot decide if its worth to buy the 8800 instead..?? better or worse in what regards in your opinion?? Or is it really the SAME machine and only has the ability to be a webcam where MPVR does NOT?

its crazy trying to compare all teh options with the prices..and the fact that you have said that many websites that sell these cameras cannot be trusted completely makes it hard. I have a piece of paper FULL of all thespecs and comparisons between the MPVR, 8900, and 8800 and obviously i canget the MPVR much cheaper but cant tell whether its really the same machine in most aspects as teh 8800?

I respect your opinion and your detailled reviews and, if it seems that the 3x optical camera is going to be much better in all the details than the MPVR or the 8900 then ill wait. But, if it seems that it will ONLY be better cause of the optical zoom but fall short in the other categories (battery life, frames per second, mp3 functions, web cam, etc) then i think i may go ahead and buy the 8800 or mPVR.

thanx again for suffering my long questions and when are you coming to sail in cancun??

kyrojoe in mexico

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From: fishycomics
Date: 2006-06-04 12:50:26
Subject: Re: clarifying your helpful answers Fishman

Kyro.. I was going to asnwer but you hit me hardand happy it is not winter here lol cariean waters oh man I am jealous already.......

lets see We were a strong site over at digital-life.info to they let spam in and well I got permission over here and let me tel you to inform other members and guests ona pc camera its great.

lets start to answer your querry. july/aug is the due date in target online info.

1. Aiptek has models from the 300-5900 and they all are great cameras. as i own a dv5300 realsmall itallows usb port power, then the IS-DV model andexcellent one for the money too, does not have a usb power port uses a battery to power, now the mpvr uses the usb and bypasses the battery so you can remove the battery and the camera will run, all understandable so far. a member 3face states he has gotten a batery or ac adaptor, some other member says they converted to 12vdc I do not know the usb pin config. but you got to mod it. bypass some wires and you got a working batt camera

I think I did this with a peice of wood instead in the bat compartment did the same thing.

1) you are saying that they have done away with the ability of the camera to take power from the USB in this model?? I understand that you are probably privy to info that cannot be found online..so do you know why they have made this change from what i saw as a POSITIVE feature of the other cameras?

2. 2 gig cards wok, posasbly if the price is right it will run on a 4 gig as well, but may not read the pic as 9999 but stop at 9999 or the vid may not show 10 hours record time.. it would be a waste to get a 4 gig while the camer only runs 1 12 hours record time if lucky. a better battery is needed and well again a mod is needd.

2) I have read that only up to 2 gig card can be used but you say that if I could afford one i could put a 4 gig card in it?

3 tripods some have some do not a local electronics store sells for 10.00 but they are just 6 inchs in height. I bought one got two actually and they are 48 inchportables 20.00

3) we assume that even if the camera is sold without the tripod tht the 15 dollar unit sold on the aiptek homepage will be compatible?

4 lens cap lol ne day I am with you on that.

4) think they finally listened toall the complaints from the users and include a lens cap on this one??:idea:

5. I do not know I need to view it I try my best but I have no answer on this. I may have seen it itsa matter of prefrence now aa batts yes i want it Li-on you're stuck.

5) i also saw on the "new products" of the taiwan page the pocket dv T300 and, aside from the fact that it is powered by 2 AAs, i cant really find the difference between this and the MPVR. Would you confirm that its basically the same camera in other respects or am i very wrong? Think this camera will have USA release someday?

6 8900 is just 8 megs thats it

6) lastly, what do you see as the big differences between the 8900 and the MPVR. Frow what i can tell the 8900 seems to be a superior product and i have the ability that someone can bring it to me from europe soon if i decide to buy it.

my last answer

a jvc camcorder at home shopping network can be had at or was at 225 plus 12 for shipping 32 optical zoom, and if you purchase a higher batery you get 3 hours batt time.. I got a jvc and let me tell you I love it , but the rain weather and I are not working together. lol. I do love the mpvr and gonna ge the newest one so if I do go out boating I will take it along rather destroy my better camcorder but i rather take along my camcorder and get close up wit ha truer zoom in optical.

whatever your choice is you'll be very pleased good luck and hope you post your posts i nteh forum get great replies back.

if you needa 32 opt vid sample its up there.

You mentioned to me that for 225 bucks i could get a normal digi video cam with a HUGE ability of optical zoom...what do you think is the reason that the hybrid cams are lacking behind so much in offering optical zoom in greater strengths? (i know very little technically about fotography equipment but im trying to learn)

thanx again Fishy for any/all help and info. Currently im between the 8900 purchased in europe and waiting for the new optical zoom camera. I just wonder if in getting the optical zoom we are going to lose other features that were nice on the 8900 and 4900 for example and dont know if the optical zoom capability makes the camera soo much better. Since ill be using it mostly for filming and shooting other kitesurfers on the caribbean ocean on sunny days I dont know how important that optical zoom will be for me.

ciao for now
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