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armorbreiz Jan 6, 2006 6:53 PM

hello fishy,

thanks for your commments, what do you mean by external lens ?

fishycomics wrote:

As I mentioned before in other threads .

what accessories needed depends how deep your pockets are

remote asneccessary as it ma seem if you got a use for it like 3facestated.

ac if you are handy you may make a homemade adaptor and recommended if you intend to record imput to the camera

tripod depending on the height you want excellent for all occasions.

camera bag and some moe stuff

Ipod pod?????????????

some neat stuf you cn do. side by side photo. win movie maker vids loaded into the camera as a portable player to show others.

add an external lens and have lots of fun

you will be very happy

armo. you were excellent on your essay. just that what i was sayin. your profile had no location and that may lead to saying where to get a hybrid Usa target has the IS-dv and mpvr. possably brandsmartusa. (lol) has some great sd carddeals etc.....

fishycomics Jan 6, 2006 7:44 PM

Armo i taken are of dble post.

what I mean is you may purchas an optional lens like a miniket external lens . a helmet cam and place the hybrid in your pocket hit record and have the lens ona helmet.

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