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Ive heard people talking about "waiting" for certain cameras to come out. Where would i go about finding information about new hybrids that are coming out. I was going to buy the DDV-1000 but spending 250$ for it on ebay im not so sure...So im wondering if there are any cameras that can top that camera now for that price range or upcoming cameras.
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good question
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This sounds self-serving, but probably this is the best place to find out about new hybrids. There are a number of people scouring the Internet all the time, such as Old HACer, and not much comes out without being quickly spotted and reported. Reporting a new camera is good for brownie points, so there's a friendly and unspoken comptetition to be the first to report new ones.

Much of this is based on the fact that the sort of people creating digital camera technology are strongly Internet-aware. I'm having trouble thinking of any Hybrid that I heard about somewhere besides the Internet.

The other way to research hybrids is to do Internet searches for the camera names, or combinations of words such as "mp3" and "mpeg4" and "camera".

As for eBay, it seems any hybrid that exists is soon listed on eBay, so you can do the same sort of research there.

It also seems many people buying hybrids with "oddball" names, search the Internet for information on Hybrids, and find their way here, which then allows us to add the names of their cameras, which are then found by the search engines etc etc...

I try to maintain the Hybrid List topic, but I'm not so good at keeping the prices accurate.
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i have a really good fujifilm 3800 camera that always kept me from loving it more because night shots are very blurry. but the ddv-1000 makes night shots a breeze.

the fujifilm have awsome day shots as i can demonstrate with my svt vehicle. beatiful shots. the ddv-1000 also takes awsome shots but its more like "analog look" and editing in photoshop to decrease the brightness makes the images look better. Becase it is not a camera, it will not perform as well.

I can demonstrate this by posting images. ddv-1000 vs a fujifilm 3800.

the ddv-1000 has excellent video quality which i am not going to complain. the picture is also excellent but more like analog look over digital. pictures can be enhanced with photoshop. I may need to just decrease the ev setting for lower brightness and adjust the light setting for better picture, focus is anothe issue. Since i am new with this camera/dv, it will take me a bit of practice to get good quality.
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