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MYJulie Oct 3, 2006 6:45 PM

Hi everybody,

I have a hybrid - Grandvision J9. I understand that hybrids are not good in low lighting video. Can we use White balance i.e. Tungsten, Flourescent and EV to make the video outcome better?

I tried Flourescent for indoor video, the result is blue-ish... so is Tungsten.

Your advice is appreciated.

Have a great day.

fishycomics Oct 3, 2006 6:54 PM


welcome aboard, glad yu found us , the site.

There are a few makes out thre that will alloe EV setting to wok with the camcorder.

most are only for the stills.

in order to lighten up a low light situation try not the tugsten or flourecent , but cloudy, that may allow a more open shutter. It is called Wb (white balance)

Ev (exsposure ) you go negetive you get brighter , positive darker I get it mixed up at times.

test them out

lucky for some we have Nightmode on afew models and people complain due to the reason, they film where they are at a total darkness.

if you're inside the house and a light is on/of you use night mode and try best not to pann. it comes out nice but again some complain.....

again welcome aboard...

MYJulie Oct 4, 2006 12:33 AM

Thanks, Fishycomics. Your advice is noted.I will try it.

Yes, I am happy to find this site. Finally Hybrid camera get a 'stand'.

Most of my friends scorns at Hybrid and often left me wondering am I a moron for using a Hybrid. But now I know I am NOT! :-)

Hybrid is good, compact, affordable and a 'jack of all trade'. I carry mine with me all the time. :lol:

fishycomics Oct 4, 2006 6:20 AM

I am sure you can whip out the hbrid and catch some common footage that may be unbelievable to others

I carry mineforsure as well.

I went fishing and The Predident of the USA's Airforce one was in, or it looked like it., and even that day while out a Bird which we thoughtwas a hawk, or falcon turned outto bea woodpecker, heading straightfor the oat got agreat shot. that'swhy we luv these hybrids on the go. cannot be noticed on you.

rgvcam Oct 4, 2006 9:34 AM


You hit the nail on the head in that it's a device you can carry with you all the time and without fear of losing a sizeable investment in income should you drop it!

The hybrid cameras are in their infancy still Sure the early models just a year or two ago were terrible with low resolution and low framerate video making them mere toys but todays models are very much usable. We have to remember that it wasn't that many years ago that digital cameras were vastly overpriced devices with poor VGA still image quality that had had film users scoffing loudly.

They tend to be looked down upon because they are not mainstream such as Canon, Olympus etc. Sure they have their quirks but I think the video from them is pretty good considering. It's certainly as good as the video mode of most of the current digital cameras and better than many! Whereas most digital cameras still use the memory card eating MJPEG format, these nearly always use MPEG4 which is more efficient.

MPEG4 is the future of video compression for any device that records to a memory card (possibly along with MPEG2) and even mainstream digital cameras are slowly moving towards it. Currently Casio, Kodak, Pentax and Samsung all have MPEG4 cameras in their range.

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